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hi this is Jessica tomasa and I'm reporting from hick 2017 or here at the highs estudio booth with Peter can you please introduce yourself for everybody watching yep I'm Peter Williams I'm the healthcare innovation advisor with Oracle in Australia fantastic so tell me what you're working on what are you looking at right now for Oracle well looking actually a lot of things one of the reasons why we were keen to sponsor this conference we're doing the hacking health stuff is because there's just so much happening around at the moment you know whether it's precision medicine whether it's Internet of Things whether it's analytics it's an exciting time so tell me it's specifically with Australia because you know these videos are gonna go viral so to let the world know what's going on in precision medicine or what's going on in health informatics in Australia in particular we're give us like a state of play look to be honest in Australia where probably you know just at the start of that s-curve for that there is you would have seen Richard Ashbury presented around stuff that's happening here in Queensland with precision medicine and other states are saying to look at that in other parts of the world like the US you know you've got people like MD Anderson pain meds and those sorts of people who are probably realistically maybe two or three years ahead of us in that but we're catching up very fast you know you know there's an expectation that if you want to make a real difference then the opportunities around you know mix around individualized care as you know I'm going to give this drug because actually I don't think it'll work for you I know the work for you I understand your profile you know those sorts of things have a huge impact you know well beyond the technology impact so what do you think it's going to be driving some of these changes forward in Australia like is the climate right is everybody kind of jumping on the bandwagon here from a technology standpoint how are things different than maybe they have been here look I think you know very timely this week we just had the digital health strategy come out and and that is very much focused around getting a lot of those foundations in place to be able to do the sorts of things I've just been talking about you know but you know Paul Keating said it's the economy stupid in health care it's the data stupid you know it's about getting that information together drawing it from a whole range of sources you know not we talk about you know even things like patient experience you know health is under pressure you know costs arising cost of Technology cost of Aging cost of chronic disease cost of consumers wanting a lot more you know you talk about the aging population the expectation of the baby boom is going to be very different to our grandparents you know I'm in charge I want to control this you know so they're much more demanding on that being able to deal with all that particularly for government which is funding all this you know we're 9% of GDP the u.s. is 19% we can't afford to be there so we've got to be smarter so looking at federal government putting out a thing around digital payments and modernizing Medicare where they're looking to move to value-based payment I'm not paying you for the services you're doing I'm paying you for looking after patients better you know all of those sorts of things to do any of that you need the data and so you need you need it accessible you need it at a high level of hole deep you need it manageable you know cybersecurity everyone is it's great to talk about data if you're a tech person if you're person in the street Who am I going to trust to match my information who how am I gonna have control over that you know all those sorts of issues now there are answers to all of that but at whole process and discussion and engagement around that needs to happen and we're staying have the dialogue and the strategy I think it's something that's going to pin that and put that in front of people the fact that all of the health ministers have actually signed off put their government logos on that saying this is something we're collectively committing to they still going to do it but you know that that's a very good start and also you know working for a tech company the fact that consciously engaging with the industry around that knowing we need to find where a good ideas which may not be in healthcare you know what's happening in telcos what's happening in banking what's happening in other sectors that we can bring in particularly when you start to look at things like chatbots III you know all that new tech you know that there's a reason why we spotted hacking health because you know people can look at a company like Oregon it's a big multinational think oh that's in the old tech world the realities we do lots of stuff with startups we're doing lots of stuff with those sorts of new businesses new models because everyone wants you know quick to success faster fail figure it out move on that's the technology world they're in there give me your perspective a little bit on the startup scene here in Australia particularly in health tech what's going on isn't emerging like what give us give us a sense of what's happening here I'm probably the wrong person to ask my colleague serene Dale who would be a good person because he actually had a startup which was yeah and he sponsors startups it's an Oracle person we have a lot of partnering relationships at the moment and are increasingly being encouraged to work with those smaller groups more agile more innovative versity I don't get the sense to be honest that we're anywhere near like you know if we were sitting in San Francisco it would be a very different world but you know as I say that's why we're sponsoring hacking health we want to encourage that sort of activity that sort of innovations and and you know we're giving away people cloud credits to go and do it you know teach you something we don't know so last question for you you know it's free man big technology company you obviously travel all over and you see a lot of different health tech that's out there what has you most excited what do you think has the potential to really transform the way healthcare is consumed the most interesting thing that I've seen recently is some work that we're doing with the NHS in the UK I think called the maternity assist program which is all about using social media to work with pregnant women into an early childhood and how you support them help them set up community networks how you integrate that with their health care that really innovative sort of stuff that is is well targeted that group you know people live on their phones yeah let's do with that to me that's that's more interesting than just two pure things like precision medicine and technology and whatever it's interacting with the way people live yeah and it humanizes it doesn't it right no that's fantastic well thank you so much for joining us and for sharing your perspective with us here at the highs of studio I'm Jessica DeMatha reporting from hick 2017 thank you

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