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hello it is my pleasure to talk about pedagogical issues in e-learning pedagogical issues in e-learning include content analysis audience analysis goal analysis medium analysis design approach organization of learning materials and different types of instructional methods that could be used in eLearning let's talk about what is content analysis first of all you have to decide what types of content are appropriate to teach their online method as you know the content that we cover any courses it has a stable content and also as dynamic content the stable content means the historical events the issues that deals with mostly things that already happen and it's not gonna occur again for example I have a dream speech by Martin Luther King is a very stable content so it is not going to change and dynamic content such as policies rules regulation they change or time so when you do the content analysis and you need to find out are the contents that you're pranking crudity learning whether they are stable or dynamic if there is stable content you don't have to you know put the video that has happened years back and it don't have to be changed for any new update so you can put it on a CD or DVD or in a different alternative delivery method so you don't really bottleneck the internet but dynamic content laws regulations rules policies the change and they're very good candidate for an Internet and one day the law that you have that requires changes over time then you can go in internet and make this change so when you do the content analysis what you do you can save your effort and time and money so you know which is good for internet-based and which are good for alternative method an alternative method not only we CD or dvd can be books for me or it could be at other different you know printed materials that we can use in a course let's talk about the audience analysis so who are our learners do we know them who are the people will be listening training through online method from us do you know what who they are does the institution have adequate information about the learners about the trainees at a distance you need to have that because you're going to design learning materials for them more knowledge you have about their background their learning style the learning preferences their ability to teach a political learn in all that methods better off you are so the institution must have a very comprehensive and adequate information about the learners in their system the next is we have gold analysis you have to have a very clear goal or goals for your course goal it's like an umbrella you know what is the goal of umbrella the gold member liz to protect you from the rain or is protect you from the Sun or sunlight so each spoke of the umbrella can be objectives so in e-learning course you need to have a pretty much the same thing you have to have goals and objectives and these goals and objectives you have to set such a way that learners can achieve them using the internet or elearning delivery format medium well in the face to face classes we use your instructor use videos you know we have so many different display exhibited materials to include it in fish to his classes who can do the same thing on the internet because we have to know whether different kinds of multimedia attributes whether they are applicable to the course and we can use tags or your video graphics and other materials with your course but you have to make sure they're appropriate they complement each other they don't compete each other so that learning can be fun and learning can be interactive learning can be enjoyable the next one is within the pedagogy we have designed no design of learning in online environment can be the design such a way that it depends on your pedagogical philosophy so what is the instructor role in that design we want instructor to be more facilitative than didactic or you want more didactic then facilitate it when I said detective means that instructor is like a sage on the stage for you want them instructor to be guiding on the side so in online environment you don't see your students they are dispersed all over the world and they have different issues and they don't live in the same time zones as you are so what happens do you want to be teaching them like you're teaching them in the regular classroom or you want to develop rich learning environments where learning can be for stirred and supported with your facilitation so depending on what is your pedagogical philosophy you have to make a good combination of both instructive East which is you provide prescription or constructivist where you provide rich learning environment and combination of both may work for your courses or may not but you have to try it out do not treat on online environment just like your post system of face-to-face traditional classroom the next is the organization you have to make sure like in a face-to-face classes when you teach you need to make sure that you cover the prerequisite so that the students or learners can continue understanding your you know lecture and you're learning environment same thing and online learning you need to do a very very good work identifying what you're covering and whether they have all the prerequisites been covered previously and all the support learning materials supplemental learning material resources are available so to organize elearning course required more preparation from designer instructors and also support staff and the next one is the methods now does the course promote in an insect collaboration by providing a supportive environment for asking questions clarifying directions suggesting for contributing resources and working on joint projects with class members you see in the page to which classes you can have several participants several students to a joint project we call it inside collaboration can you do that online yes you can do the online students we have taught a different institution we have students coming from different parts of the world they were able to work on a joint projects we call that inside collaboration think about outside collaboration in the face to face classes we can invite an outside guest speaker to come into your class and share the knowledge experience with our students same thing to do for online environment we can invite experts to work with our online students and that expert can come from any parts of the world they can come through video conferencing simple alag methods healer I'm sorry email methods or they can come to you through a synchronous discussion forum so what I have discussed today is the pedagogical dimension of my elearning framework and pedagogy again deals with learning and teaching and I have talked to you about content audience go medium and design analysis and also talk to you about pedagogical philosophy and different kind of matters instructional strategies from role-playing to stop holding two case studies to tutorial drill and practice collaborative cooperative learning all you can use I would appreciate your interest in designing good elearning environment for learners all over the world

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