ParStream: Big Data Analytics for IoT demo at Cisco Live 2015

my name is your peanut I am co-founder and CEO of pastoring at Cisco life you are demoing our real-time big data analytics platform that provides needed insight on extremely large amounts of data IOT data or telco or network monitoring data and here we see a demo in the network monitoring space we have call data records we are analyzing total and trade calls per day and the failures by reason by phase by status the distribution over 24 hours based on 25 billion records if you would put this into an excel file this would be 200,000 kilometers long as you print it out which means 5 times around the earth and we get immediate inside the answers are coming back in subseconds plasmids customers in the area of network monitoring call record processing or in the era of wind turbine manufacturers or a current customer is using past him to analyze hundreds of terabytes of data generated by wind turbines in wind farms and the such a wind turbine has 150 centers for example and they're gaining an efficiency increase of more than fifty percent which translates into a business value of more than 150 million dollar per year and this was is a very good example our real-time a big data analytics based on classroom really can generate business value so we have built a stream for performance and efficiency we have built a database engine from the ground up that is focusing on on high speed on high query speed and high ingestion speed because we also can continues the import data with the speed of several million records per second into a single server and we have a unique system columnist are with a unique way of indexing data and compressing the index ins and by doing so we are several hundred times faster than any other relational database system and about thirty thousand times faster than a loop which means that for example a query that is taking one and a half hours on our Duke takes far less than a second and pass we see a huge fit between Cisco and pass film because there are a lot of opportunities lot of potential use cases where past employers would add additional value in the area of network monitoring but especially in the upcoming area of IOT use cases like wind turbine analytics like in the oil and gas are renewable energy manufacturing telematics everywhere where Cisco generates and projects is large amounts of data we can provide additional value in providing these analytics performance

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  1. syed tabrez said:

    where can I find guide/tutorial to parstream?

    June 28, 2019

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