Päivi Karhu, LUT alumna – Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)

my name is Tiger who I'm originally from Guyana northern Finland and I I studied in the master's program of international technology and innovation management which is a joint program of a LeBaron the School of Business and Graduate School of Management st. Petersburg State University and this is joint program of these two universities so the students receive double Decree double master's degree in two years this collaboration is pretty unique in Finland I think this is the only only program in Finland that that works such way that you get to decrease almost at the price of one I must say that in it it requires full commitment and a lot of hard work but in case of the course offerings in compass' marketing high technology marketing logistics also corporate social responsibility international trade strategic management and growth of companies you get a cross-section of very many different kind of things related to business therefore it does not really close any doors for the students it gives a very nice platform if you wish to work within innovations we were given an opportunity to go abroad also to do an exchange so for the autumn semester or winter semester 2008 I went to Vienna and I didn't exchange there graduated in summer 2009 after – I was working in in financial services in one big finished firm and after that I knew that I wanted to go back to Vienna and Vienna Austria and I I was applying for different kind of jobs in in Vienna and eventually ended up taking a job as a private banker in one I respect and I started there and enjoyed this very much learned a lot but simultaneously had the feeling that I had still something too something to give in the field of education and research so therefore I applied for for the open position as a research and teaching associate at the Vienna School of Economics and business and I got accepted in the Faculty of marketing at the Institute of International marketing so I'm there working as a research and teaching associate at the very moment and I'm writing my my dissertation so I'm also a doctoral student PhD candidate meeting program doesn't really close any doors for the students so they are meeting melamine I'm working in many multinational firms such as coca-cola or Kona Valeo Atos International Nokia and so on and so forth but the students who who consider me team program they should be free of prejudice they should be ready for anything with regards to international experience and with regards to hard work I guess you

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