Our Favorite Watts Water Technologies Products

Hey, everybody. John with fresh water
systems. Today we're going to talk about Watts Water Technologies. They're one of
our key vendors and they've been a force in the industry for almost a hundred and
fifty years. Watts started in the New England area when Joseph Watts created a
product to solve the issue they were having at the time with water boilers
exploding because of overpressurization. He created a pressure reducing valve
that eliminated that danger. In fact, through the 50s they they actually
marketed their products as the Explosion Danger Preventers. Any case, over the
years, they've evolved into quite a force in the water treatment industry, which
they got kind of got into in 1978. Watts Water Technologies covers a vast
assortment of large treatment products – commercial, industrial to residential for
the water treatment industry. They buy and sell a lot of products. They've
become probably the largest distributor in the water treatment industry and a
lot of the dealerships out there – us included – buy products from Watts, and
they have some good ones. Residentially, they're well known for their reverse
osmosis point of use products. Up until recently, the premier and the quick
change products that use these types of filters. They are starting to phase those
out and we're anxiously awaiting to see what they come in with next. But some of
the products that we sell a lot of are leaning more towards the residential
side things, like their top mount faucet. A cool thing about the top mount faucet
is the ease of installation. Traditionally, you've got to crawl under
the counter to secure the bolts and the the mounting of hardware. Whereas, the top
mount Watts, literally all you have to do is feed the tubing down through the hole
in the sink and everything else you can do from up above. Makes putting faucets
on so easy. Homeowners can do it all the time. The regulator products we sell quite a
bit of. And the regulator products have been their mainstay. It's the product
that put them on the map 144 years ago, and probably every household in the
United States has a pressure regulator on the water supply that comes in,
especially municipal treated water supplies. Out of those, 70% of those are
probably the Watts regulators, so well known for that. They also provide a lot
of filter cartridges from residential units up to big commercial stuff. They
also have a product that's used commercially. It's a non-metallic filter housing, which is unique within the industry and it's a
really awesome filter housing that we use even in big residential units. And
Watts is well known for that. Watts provides a lot of resource to businesses
like ours to allow us to buy products and specifically tailor them to our
customers. We appreciate Watts, we think they're great. If you're looking for
watts products, you can find them on our website

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