OU Tom Love Innovation Hub: Pumpkin Carving

Let’s see if this works! Alright, three…two…one… Boo. Scared you, didn’t I? Hi, I’m Alex Quinn, Fab Lab employee and pumpkin carving blender kit. Here at the
OU Innovation Hub Fab Lab, it’s our job to make your ideas a reality. Want to
build a can crusher? Sure. Better mousetrap? Easy. And we’ve got the tools
and the know-how to help you with just about anything. And to prove it, we’re
gonna get into the spooky season and cut up some lifeless gourds and turn them
into works of art. We’re gonna start with a good old reciprocating saw. And would you look at that? Perfect cut. If we’re gonna carve pumpkins, we gotta clean it. That’s a clean pumpkin. This is our
hydraulic press. Safety glasses on. We need more velocity. So we’re on the roof and we’re trying to
drop this pumpkin…all the way up here. Maybe we can get a good carve again. Three. Two. One… For an artisanal look, we’re gonna have Zane here on the lathe, show us how it’s done. Wow. Boomer Sooner. Now that we’ve cut the top out, it’s time
to go for the eyes. Perfect. Oh, yeah.

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