Oracle Cloud Computing

for many organizations moving to the cloud can seem like moving to an island paradise the stress of managing complex technology removed and the business getting the service they need but what happens when your business requires new applications with more sophisticated functionality or your processes change as your business evolves so were your cloud needs niche cloud providers only have niche offerings and don't give you the flexibility to move to a different Island if you need to in fact your island may quickly become a prison your business will be constrained by the limitations of your niche cloud provider with the Oracle cloud you will never find yourself in prison the Oracle cloud can extend your business capabilities and resources whenever you need to it's like having your own paradise island with great facilities but connected to a whole archipelago of other amazing islands that you can go to whenever you like each Island represents one of over 100 modern business applications for you to take advantage of applications for sales and marketing finance and ERP talent management and human capital management all engineered to the cloud secure data and process integration connects each of these applications letting your business rapidly access new capability and implement cross application process flows not only do you have access to the broad portfolio of Oracle applications you also have the option of moving your on-premise applications to run on the Oracle cloud or move them back again whenever it is necessary in fact because the Oracle cloud is based on open standards like Java SQL and html5 the Oracle portfolio can be integrated with your on-premise applications and even applications in other clouds of course legislation dictates that some particularly sensitive data must remain in-house behind your firewall managed by your own IT department for some home is their island paradise they prefer to stay in house Oracle also has the solution private clouds give you complete control and visibility over security regulatory compliance service levels and functionality Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class integrated hardware and software that are the building blocks of a private cloud the stack contains everything you need to build infrastructure platform and software as a service cloud offerings within your organization your private cloud environment will gain functionality like self serving provisioning chargeback and metering Oracle supplies pre-built assemblies and templates to help you quickly offer valuable content in your private cloud you just download the functionality that you want like an Oracle database configuration ebusiness suite applications or just a pre-installed Oracle Linux environment and you can immediately run these configurations once your private cloud is up and running users will be able to access it via easy-to-use self-service portal that allows them to order up the IT infrastructure and software they need for as long as they need it Oracle offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing solutions in the industry today whatever your cloud needs Oracle has a complete solution for you

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