Opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT)

It is the Internet of
everything and it is everywhere. I think the opportunities of
IoT are absolutely enormous from connecting to devices
and putting let's say a remote monitoring solution in
place so that we can get further visibility into how my
operation is running in a manufacturing scenario
all the way through to understanding in let's
say predictive maintenance scenarios what can go wrong
in the future and actually getting an insight into the future. IoT provides us with a hub
for which we can centralize and integrate need
a lot of functions. And what this device
provides us is the opportunity to showcase it in a way that
has never been done before. For our partner community
this is about being able to extend their partner
network to focus on cooperation, collaboration,
rather than competition. It's an ability to go and
find new skills being able to extend as this partner
community really starts to come together more and more to
augment each other skill sets. IoT is the DNA of what
we do within the microsoft community and we see that
our customers are ready. They want solutions for it
and they need people to help them so it is a really good
opportunity for Microsoft partners there. You know for years we've partnered
by providing just a great product. Now that product is a
service and through providing a service we actually get
into how we help partners make money from developing great services.

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