Open Polytechnic Certificate in Designing and Facilitating E-Learning

As a specialist provider of open and distance
learning, the Open Polytechnic has a wealth of experience in supporting students achieve
their goals. We understand pedagogies that work for the
online world, which we support by using a variety of online and e-learning tools. We're now sharing that experience with educationalists
and training professionals all over the world through our Certificate in Designing and Facilitating
E-Learning. The certificate is made up of three courses
during which you will learn about current practice and thinking in e-learning, how to
facilitate online discussions and activities, and be guided to design your own e-learning
course. Gaining the certificate will provide you with
the foundational knowledge and skills to construct learner centred online materials, which can
be delivered globally. As a graduate, you will be able to show employers
that you are savvy about new ways of working, and you are ready to be part of the new world
of learning, which involves collaboration, sharing and openness. For more information visit the Open Polytechnic's

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