Online Info Session On IBM Certified PGP In Data Science, Business Analytics & Big Data

dirty professionals build their body of knowledge every day through experience talking with colleagues attending conferences and staying up to date with online sources like blogs research papers and publications the world produces enormous amounts of security-related data with detailed threat intelligence every day and 80% of this is unstructured and intended for human consumption making it inaccessible to traditional systems but security analysts can only consume and make sense of a fraction of this data further complicated by the shortage in skills and expertise as a result the vast majority remains untapped and dark to an organisation's defenses it's time to shine the light on this universe of unstructured data to uncover new patterns and help analysts out think and outpace threats at IBM we're training Watson for cyber security a new generation of cognitive systems which can analyze security relevant structured and unstructured data in order to understand reason and learn about constantly evolving threats it's about building instincts and expertise similar to those of security professionals that are to scale like we've never seen the result Watson for cyber security will arm analysts with the collective knowledge and instinct to respond to threats with greater confidence and speed step up to the cognitive era IBM security welcome to each of school of data science the best school for postgraduate program in data science business analytics and big data in association with IBM industry association with IBM AWS educates and Vidya DLI ubt iBM has set up business analytics lab final certification is issued by IBM Aegis facilitate scholarships financial aid and study loans available the will work on live projects from the industry curriculum design with the help of top data Sciences and companies hands-on exposure to machine learning stats deep learning NLP Google tensorflow spark IBM Watson AWS ml and many more highly satisfied students with amazing reviews program delivered by IBM experts and the best data scientist program follows globally acceptable North American credit structure proud alumni working as data sciences with leading organizations participants can get opportunities for internships and final job placement with leading organizations Pages organizes ages Grandville Awards ages largest data science Congress keep learning summit meetups and leadership speaker series network with the best data sciences and AI experts from around the world present your projects to the world world-class delivery infrastructure and cloud learning management system three delivery models full-time executive weekend classroom and online live interactive add wings to your career and explore today at WWE GED UI n [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] how's the day good so God's out inside all right so how many of you are already working in that data analytics vertical raise your hands you are in data science only data analytics vertical okay and how many of you are okay this is the frame all right so this is the blockchain I believe okay I'll have to follow it so in how many of you are walking okay and how many of you are pressure and what about the rest you guys are not walking not studying then what are you doing student so which here what you are doing that's what I asked finally a BTech how many are from electronics background good number IT computer science Oh majority of you which institution you are from which college there nine during college all right so what made you think so guys on this Saturday evening when most of your peers it's going to Lonavala on tracks some of you are you know going for a movies right but you are here so what made you think so what dragged you in that particular such events you want to learn right new technologies you want to get yourself into that data science vertical this is the whole idea right you want to transform your career or maybe step into that data science this is the main idea right okay so now since morning we have given you some amount of technologies in which we have done some modeling as well the workshop that we have conducted so there are a very warm welcome again quickly I will brief you about this session how to launch your career because most of you are at your final year if you guys wish to get into that data science vertical if you wish to step in into those disruptive technologies like if I talk about AI machine learning data science blockchain cybersecurity what is the way out how to do it right so how Ages and IBM will help you in order to achieve or maybe a kind of bridge so that you can directly observe by the organization so I'll quickly walk you through with the how it is and IBM will help you in order to achieve that you know letter or to bridge the gap between the skills and the components which is required so you have to have those skills which are very hot in the market and how you do that right so I am written Roth in Joshi and quickly I walk you through with this how to launch your career and those disruptive and the exponential technology is what we call them okay brief about us we have already given you briefs in the morning that who we are what we do these are the associations we have got right so with AWS is over premier partner with AWS participants who so we provide various programs as well which you can look forward to as one of the options if you are looking forward to have you know go for higher studies or to pursue your masters alright so I'll be walking you through with what sort of master's program we offer so AWS we have tied up with AWS so Amazon Web Services you might have heard about that right so participants who join the programs what we offer they will get the entire axis on the AWS cloud labs also like you have the access for Google Apps today mean that the entire hands-on what you have got similarly AWS labs and the course content on AWS participants they will get we do have the tire with an media most of you are aware about it how many are great game freak's here most of you have played games it looks like a gamer right okay so Nvidia thanks with them I mean because they are into graphic cards and GPUs but now over the last few year they have become the world leader in AI and deep learning they have joined hands with us for delivering the courses an AI in deep learning which is a core part of the course we have tied up with you BTech how many of you have heard about you be dead have you heard about you be took no you be take they are you have heard about that that lady okay now okay so you BTech is a global leader in robotics and computer vision right they have also join hands with us and which we are providing and training the modules just like Alexa's you might have heard about that right we are training these humanoids like Lynx humans about humanoids Sophia and all those from the human eye the new general robots which are coming in the market so we are creating we are training them on these modules like speech recognition facial recognition system so you better they have joined hands with us for that and the idea right so with IBM these are the programs we have rolled out so IBM we offer these programs which is post and currently these three programs we have rolled out the dispose graduate program in data science business analytics and big data which is a holistic applied data science program which is equivalent to masters we offer with IBM another program we are offering which is completely into more exhaustive program that has more intensive program that is completely into ml AI and deep learning which we offer again with IBM and the third program which is completely into cybersecurity and all these programs we join hands with the IBM six years back when the world is not aware about data science it is seeding up at that moment and since then so we are following the same legacy till date the market has been flooded by the data scientist who have done their program the largest number of market share we have from the Illumina base we have got who are making us feel proud working with different industries all together by doing these programs so six years back we have rolled out that program which are data science program I have talked about let's go deeper into that so newly launched program we have recently launched few months back these programs you might have heard about blockchain I believe all your tech big geek say oh right so we have launched these programs which is PGP in blockchain in association with IBM will be talking in quick brief shallow brief I'll give you then the full stack development because now the market is all of you are from electronics how many of your electronics program okay and computer science okay mixed of everybody right so now the full stack development it's very high in demand the normal coders and developers are not no longer back much adequate in the market right you have to know the entire expo ABC of the coding in terms of the client-side in terms of you know you have to know the SQL the entire technology which is being used to understand the database SQL queries and all this stuff there jQuery means tack bootstrapping everything which is required to design the website servers we have to work upon that kind of full stack also which is required very Hyneman so that's why we have rolled out another program these are newly launched programs we have just recently launched with IBM so let's get into our deeper dive take a deeper dive with this program which we offer which is a post graduate program in data science business analytics and big data it's a holistic applied data science program why holistic because in which we are covering up all the three aspects that is data science business analytics and big data which we offer as I mentioned in association with IBM and that program is also equivalent to ms in data science which is globally accepted now these are the labs what IBM they have we with IBM we have established these labs like today you have the X of the cloud Google Lab right so that we have worked upon similarly like IBM images we have initiated cloud and data science lab what we have what these are cloud labs participant they will have the access for the same which participants they use it for doing their in-class projects real-life projects which is the major USP of the program I will be quickly walking you through with next slides these are the modes of delivery there are three motor delivery under which we offer this program first one which is a full-time program as you can see another one will be the executive mode of delivery what is the reference voltage program the classes will be held six days a week on campus timing full day 10 to 5 2006 and after 11 months of training there will be internship and placement would be offered and the interpreted structure of the program is the entire program is of 45 credit unit right so anyway and we follow the northern American structure here so any program maybe you are aware or not any program which is above then 36 credit unit is considered as a master's program globally so this program is of minimum 45 credit unit so one credit unit typically it is equivalent to your 10 to 12 are so for 15 hours at max of sessions classroom sessions so this is how the entire structure another mode of delivery which would be the executive mode of delivery anybody who is working in the similar area one should have minimum at least 2 years of experience or the similar experience into analytics like you have been feel anybody would be working so they can join these executive mode delivery which will be on Saturday and Sunday the executive in this way the weekend on campus Plaza will be along Saturday on Sunday timings 10:00 to 5:00 ten to six full day duration will be the same 11 months graduated structure will be the same 45 credit unit another mode of delivery for those where we don't have presence because currently we are offering this program three places Mumbai Pune in Bangalore if anybody is residing anywhere else where we don't have presents so they can join this executive it's a live interactive the last one the live interactive mode of delivery in which the classes will be held on real-time interactive basis and we are offering can enter this program 18 countries around the globe this is the certification participants they will get once they complete their program that is jointly delivered and offered by Ages an eye beam which is globally accepted there is a sample certification copy I have just put for your reference as I mentioned and various part right so Nvidia they have joined hands with us because over the last few year like they were into graphic cards and GPUs but over the last few years and Vidya they have become leaders in AI and deep learning are you aware about that and they are powering heavily Google and Facebook as well write the entire backup engine in deep learning in AI the join hands with us for delivering the courses which is AI and deep learning for that Nvidia experts they come and they do deliver the entire hand-holding for the participants and for which if participants they clear those AI and deep learning modules participants they will get additional certification by Nvidia in Ages which is globally accepted coming to the course courses curriculum what we offer the course curriculum we have got it has got the core course and the elective so when I talk about the core course and we have designed the curriculum as for their skills and the competency matrix which is required by the data scientist and what are these core skills and competencies that you will find here so the core course is what were to deliver we start the program with the very vital backbone of any analytics and data science or may be machine learning or deep learning which is any idea you have very true what's the name when you are walking you're in finance psychosis statistics and probability right we start the program from that then goes up to advanced statistics parallely we cover our language is very much there python is very much their machine learning different types of machine learning is required you might have heard about only one machine learning they're different machine learning for different types of me does it like machine learning using our machine learning using Python machine learning using tensorflow machine learning using spark emblem machine laminating Scala red machine learning you over AWS the different types of machine learning which is required right this is what we do teach start from scratch to advanced level then goes up to your AI and D plumbing for which I have already explained we have tied up with Nvidia who is their their experts come and they will do the hand-holding for the participants then your natural language processing is very much there is a core part of the course SPARC is very much there as a core part of the course then since we offer this program at IBM there are certain IBM specific proprietary technologies which is widely being used by the industries globally for which IBM experts they come and they deliver the entire hands-on to the participants like few of them Cognos bi enforced fear big inside IBM SPSS you might have heard about that cognitive computing by IBM have you heard about cognitive computing Watson analytics so these are the few IBM specific tools and the technology that IBM experts they come and they will do the hand-holding and these all comes under the core courses what we offer then comes your elective so there are a bunch of electives available if like SAS table you click send click which is a visualization tools right if anybody wants to get a deeper dive into deep learning one can choose neural network which is a part of the elective so this is how the course curriculum will work right and if you want to go deeper dive so this is available you can also we are going live as well for all the participants who are attending us online live interactive bases so they can just take the snapshot of it and you can go to our website you will get more information about the curriculum ok another program we offer which is a post-budget program in cybersecurity so while there is need of security because of the data explosion that has done right and because of data that has to be secured because we are living in a digital universe you all are aware right most of our available information like your credit card details has been captured by most of the organization you do your shopping right flip card Amazon Snapdeal right you have to provide your details so that information confidential information that has to be secured it's not about your information if you talk about cyber security which is a subset of information security electronics communication guys right computer science right so now if you talk about cyber security if you take a real look you will find when you talk about so all half of you have heard about data scientists profile right highly buzzword big time buzzword similarly like have you heard about seesaw profiles see source see is else chief information security officers right this is the top notch positions to reach that position you have to have the knowledge of the different layers of security which is required what is that starting from your infrastructure of security right this is what we are covering up then goes up to network security we are covering up then comes your data data security we are very much covering up every single technology starting from the scratch to advanced level then on that data you are building up what applications application security right then comes your cloud where you're deploying these models so the cloud right so the cloud mint in the infrastructure has to be secured and then comes your cyber security so all layers of security we are covering up that's why this program again is a holistic applied cyber security program we offer for which again with IBM we offer this program so we have set up the entire labs with IBM cyber security labs we have which is the cloud lab these are the delivery models similarly like what we offer in data science program three modes of delivery full-time executed mode of delivery this is the certification participants they will get once they complete the program that will be jointly offered and delivered by IBM and ages which is globally accepted again this program back to the slide there's a equivalent to masters again which is globally accepted okay curriculum part what we are delivering in this program so cybersecurity is not all about ethical hacking we might have what about right highly set phenomena right my nephew is early nine-year-old he is a ethical hacker right he had my ps4 downloaded all my games so I think I'll have a very small part of it but what we are delivering the major technique is these are pentesting vulnerability analysis Python for cyber security because you have to create this smart system that can prevent the threats machine learning for cyber security you have to create the automated smart system if you guys are aware 2017 right a red-letter day in the economic so the ransomware attack wanna cry you might have heard about that right all systems got disrupted the market they got malfunctioned because the IPS had got the AI compatibility no one able to practice I piece because it had got the machine learning and AI built capabilities so this is what we are covering up karada might have heard about that I believe widely used soon by I beam this is we are covering up AWS cloud security then cryptography there are digital florence's there again it has got the core course and the elective massive structure massive curriculum if you want to go more deeper dive about the curriculum part you can go and check more details on that another program we offer which is a postgraduate program and blockchain right this is the another area which is booming like anything the cryptocurrency have you thought about that the blockchain so this is what we are offering again the same structure it has got the whole time in the executed mode of delivery 11 months program followed by 2 months of internship and placement that what we offer six days a week full-time program we offer 15 projects what would you deliver so projects but I will be working from the next slide Scotty certification by IBM total program 45 credit unit we are starting this program 26 August applications are open this is what we are delivering like node.js ripple foundation of coda for blockchain hyper ledger web development tools you can go and check more details about the curriculum what we are offering it has again got the core courses and electives another program what we offer which is a postgraduate program and full of stack development like I have mentioned right you can go and check the details like the same level months program full-time and executive mode of delivery that program we are starting from 19th August and what we are delivering like jQuery means TAC react JavaScript hibernate flask node.js different kind of technologies we are delivering starting from same you have to do the development part as well from the client side from the server side you should know the Python as well you have to work on the server spot front-end back-end you should know the every aspect of it right and there are n number of jobs if you are awakened if you go and check in nori almost 17,000 jobs are there indeed reports say like 7,000 fullest track developers are required who know all these kind of freaking OG right starting from the scratch to advanced level so from inception to execution you should know the entire idea how to execute that particular project ok so this is again has got the core course in the elective I'll be walking with Roque the faculties and mentors because this is again plays a very important role that you will be these courses would be delivered by whom right so few structure I'll give you like dr. Benning Kulkarni who is the director of Ages he holds 12 degrees from IIT Bombay did his PhD from IIT Bombay more than 25 years of experience he take care of the statistics part Hadoop and spark parted ideas dr. Samson Lada he had got 12 degrees dwelt PhDs from IIT Bombay Monash University take care of the Machine lambing part at ages doctor Sabitha Mukherjee here the entire of Watson working for IBM who takes care of the Watson liberalisation part at ages Mohave Gandhi we have got so he hails from the University of Florida and he takes called the machine learning part he is the lead data scientists were working with Arjun professor at ages dr. Robbie didn't go past the eye he is the Dean of Ages he's also a founding dean of I am and dot and founding dean and director of test data and social science he takes care of the critical thinking and HR analytics at ages then we have hired few Russian data scientists and Retraining data scientists as well for a spark like doctor Tatiana as you can see she is a Ukrainian data scientist takes of the Spock part idea ages and there are different faculties you can go and get more details on that so center of innovation at ages have curated different platforms like with PI data we are doing such kind of events similarly like we have designed our own verticals like data science Congress which is a sheer nor the largest event we host it's a three-day conference in which we invite the real-time data scientist cognitive computing expert the CIO thought leaders across the globe we invite the research paper in those disruptive technologies we also invite the companies who have done some tremendous breakthrough innovation those AI machine learning in those exponential technologies and these and companies are the prospective recruiter for the participants who complete the program from us so it's a huge platform you can go and check into more details over the Internet we have curated edges ramble award I won't talk much about that particular property but this is another property we have curated in order to reward the innovations which are coming up in the front areas and those disruptive technologies though we offer this program with IBM who itself is a leader in that cybersecurity data science but we awarded IBM as well with these in that segment of kept the different categories under which we reward the innovation so we have awarded idea as well and there are so many Giants we conduct various hackathons workshop like today we have done right so some free workshops some paid workshops on pioneer bases we conduct such workshops so that individuals like you you get the benefit and you get your hands dirty right so do subscribe to us over Facebook over our YouTube channel you will get to know when the next workshop is going to be held so you will get the benefit projects part so this is the area I will take a few more minutes so these projects are the major USP of the program because learning is one thing tools and technologies is one thing but how will you measure your performance how the hands-on exposure will come because of the real-life projects what we offer so these real-life projects provides the participants the entire in-depth knowledge like today you have done some hands-on maybe you have not become the expert but you have got some slight idea that how the technologies is moving like the first session whoo that was taken care by mr. Mukesh the area who is the CEO of this entire region's group he might have set up the context so you should know the entire ABC from the conceptual level to the tools level as well because come please they will grill you on all the aspects right from the technical know-how and from the conceptual part as well right so these projects are actually helping the participants to get their hands dirty with the technology and this is required when it comes to placement these are the projects we have done so far like scale and job trend analysis so what we have done so far this product project we are doing this project with the UNDP United Nations suppose you have X number of scales right you know our you know Python you have done Java or some CS graduates are there so suppose you type these skills on Google do you think that Google will give you the exact analysis which company is hiring in real time do you get this information I believe no you won't get that so what you will get you will get maybe Nori's advertisement maybe indeed job portal LinkedIn portal maybe if you click on that particular job portal you will find that you have landed up to some of the job which is already been preoccupied right so that kind of SATA 6 are you will get but now in this particular platform what we do is if you type those skills you will get the entire idea that which companies are hiring what are the areas these placements these jobs are available in Mumbai Pune Bangalore and you can directly apply as well another project we have done which is call dropped and fraud detection we have done for leading banks in India in credit card and loan segment with the facial recognition system another project which is a project Kojo right so this is our very own project as you can see here so that the theme revolves let's find missing child so how this project work can you connect my phone to this system I will give you a quick quick quick demo right and it is so how this project works suppose the theme is very simple let's find missing child as you can easily got to know if you found somebody begging on the street and these child who are begging on the street they are not destroying to do that job they have been dragged through that part of your trade right it is a structured crime it's five nine zero nine two two six five – yes it's down there right okay yes so how this will work you found somebody banging on the street here in here under gardens right so what will happen everybody has a smartphone nowadays right and every phone has a good camera is it or not it is right so what I have to simply take your phone because if you go out and try to become some savior of these kids maybe your life will be in danger because it's a structured prime right so what you have to simply take your phone out and this is how the application looks like and you see that I have connected my phone it's called Project Kojo as you can see here I have clicked that project this is how the interface looks like it's a web-based Android based application if you click on capture missing child photo I am doing it right have right here so the camera is open like I can see you guys here live let's take me my own picture to one go okay so now if I check here on the right button immediately what will happen the geolocation get raised right and this if I go and click here if I proceed it further maybe I will be in a I am not doing it because else I'll be in a missing child's list I don't want to be okay so now this is how the projects work so now this photograph will be shared to the nearby NGOs forestation cyber cell and we have designed one algorithm on deep learning nei based algorithm in it which is analyzing the images because of somebody found missing if somebody's missing their parents their relative they might have locks of a fire and it will do that statistical Bayes analysis the facial convenience system what we have built the flash will be given to somebody's phone who have logged in a fire that this person within Joshi found hair missing and he is delivering one session maybe anywhere that guy you will find right so this is how the PCR will come and capture and the calculates will behind the bar and the child will get found this is the major idea so these kind of projects I have just given you a kind of walkthrough so these are the real-life projects and these projects are actually helping the participants to get recruited by the companies mostly in day zero and day one okay other projects we have done like you can see like augmented image – creative contractual description brilliant projects last year participants they have done nails and picked up the entire batch what they have created you simply have to click one photograph if I click your photograph right here upload it to the system the system will design the story right go on with the days of script writers whatever the kind of mood it's raining outside you guys are sipping coffee and having some massage so a beautiful picture a story that system will delineate it will create Nielson picked up the entire batch so these properties I have mentioned like data science Congress grumble about so these are also healthy bodies it means to get placed because mostly they are a recruiter the companies who are coming ctoc I use and these kind of hiring these individuals they are doing by themselves because they know the technology better facial or contact keishon for em university then a sports analytics for IPL match prediction loan prediction system stock exchange price prediction bid con price prediction there are so many projects right so overall there are six real-life project and one major capstone project we do provide to the participants during that entire tenure of 11 months to this program quick view about the Career Management Center because after 11 months as I have mentioned there are there is a Career Management Center which is an integral part of Ages which facilitate the participants with excellent internship replacements when I say excellent what kind of excellency as I have already mentioned it's been six years we have been offering this program and we have a largest number of alumni base on the market this will be are following the same legacy who are working with those giants globally companies like few name I will name like IBM PwC Accenture or Deloitte L&T Infotech LNT finance last year almost 50 plus companies have compared accrued the statistics if I tell you minimum package freshers like you 6.5 because we won't allow any company on campus who offered less than 6.5 and maximum for the fresher that goes up to 12.5 last year an average was 8.5 to almost 9.1 this year again we've started off with the placement you might have seen some placement live signage is outside this June we have started off 11th 12th and 13th so we run the drive in that way day zero day 1 and day 2 in those three days till now it's a Salaam 37 companies have come 75 offers has been given and minimum package till now that is six point seven five for the fresher and maximum this time again goes 13 lakhs and average package would be around fourteen point five maximum till now it is twenty two lakhs internship has been offered one lakh for this – for the internship squad 1 lakh has been given so this is the kind of statistics why because of these real-life project because when you go out the companies they grill you on different parameters because they need a candidate suppose if you guys are fresher you go and join any organization maybe TCS may Pro XYZ any company but I would suggest don't join these TCS we prove these are the talent graveyards you won't be able to learn much things on these companies because they these companies they work on factory based model try to grab some startups or SMEs who are doing brilliantly well right but for that you have to have those skills which these industries they are looking at right so now what the companies they are looking at you so if suppose you get hired by any organization they will give you a training or induction for 2 to 3 months time why because they precisely know to whom they are hiring they know nothing you have studied a lot but you are not practiced at practically that's why they give you the induction then they believe that some value addition will come on the table agreed or not this is the case but here the scenario is completely upside-down the companies are hiring on that basis whether the individual to whom they are hiring they are able to put the value starting from day one and how we'll do that if you would have extensively worked up on the projects not upon them only the projects you should have your funders clementa fund are very clear the conceptual part has to be clear you should know why you have applied are why you have not applied Python you should be having the knowledge what is the difference between the linear regression logistic regression right what is the difference between these algorithms companies will grill you on these two done finish then they will and also you should have some projects like I showed you handy like how you have worked upon these projects so this is what companies are expecting and that is why they are offering these kind of packages clear moving on some of the preliminary wages so I will be just walking through with them pouring throttle that guy the time we joined the program he has got two years of experience 22.5 and he hails from the ite a background from Rajasthan St of Technology he did his BTech so currently he is working as a director Morgan Stanley as you can see and had the entire a defiance vertical Michelle working with Nelson hails from electronics and communication background some of you are electronics this side yes Pradesh to worry that guy the time he joined he has hardly one 11.1 year of experience hardly matters that counts comes from the camera science background currently he is leading the entire entire AI vertical at PNB MetLife drew bow Jyothi he is working as a data scientist working with logic NEX now he is an electronic electronics engineer the time he joined the program Vignesh war he was a fresher the time he joined the program he did as BTech from he's an instrumentation engineer fresher currently working as a data scientist with E&Y sorrow bad boy currently working with data scientist and szostak he is also a fresher I wish a Gupta one of the exception that guy is from the commerce background he's a become Graduate currently working with data science and there are certain exceptions individuals who are coming from mechanical background who feel okay what the hell they have done that they have joined mechanical engineering or civil engineers as well right they feel the life is a dead end right but now these individuals because there is no that not not that much scope for those areas these folks they have joined the program and they have their flying high with a jet pack on their back this is the power of the program and I get child me working at the data scientist with an SC hails from the mechanical engineer like I have mentioned few minutes back some of the other participants like you can just go through it I'll scroll it down okay it's the statistics which background they are coming from any individual who had who are coming from the economics background commerce background become graduates beta graduates all specialization are welcome okay now today you have done with one info session I mean one one the the is the workshop you guys have gone through so suppose you have got some of the insights about the tools and the technologies right suppose we are if you are delivering the session on machine learning or AI or deep learning believe me one session is not enough you won't be able to digest that so how come the learn ability would increase so it get increases because of that LMS which is called immune eCampus which is easy to access on the fly on the go you can take the entire lectures on your pocket this is the freedom that platform it provides you can please my phone is connected I will show you how this app will help you you can download that application which is called immune eCampus there are some of the few sorry okay there are few free lectures are available you can download that application from Android store Play Store it's available which is called mu eCampus you can log in and register yourself so how this will work I will just quickly give you a demo on that so this is how the MD campus looks and feel like a mini campus okay I've opened that application my phone these this is how the – mode looks like my courses live lectures are going on you can access these live lectures if placements are happening you will be getting the alerts you can check your attendance let's let me go to the my courses the courses I have registered so these are the courses I registered myself for I'm scrolling it down like our web analytics actually okay so let me take you to some of the sessions how this will work deep learning I am going to the deep learning part this is how the content will look like overview the content Q&A the instructors as well you will get to know like dr. ashish dental care so he is working with google itself will the entire platforms on AI and deep learning so and this is the Q&A you will see the assignment the quizzes that had been done if you want to check because every lecture what would you deliver we record and upload it to the learning management system what we have and the access will be with you 24/7 throughout the course at any point of time you can go through these sessions and revive it let me run one session okay so whatever the experts of the writing you will have the entire thing on your board these kind of smart technology we use it okay let me take you the introduction session of deep learning this is how the the lectures would be handy and you can take the entire session from your pocket this is how it will help the overall learning to the participants I have taken this screen shot I thought of the app might not work so I'll just walk you through the same thing I showed you I also provide the financial aid and the bank loans available if you guys think that you have scored pretty well or your 10th 12th and graduation if you have scored well in your cat that GMAT GRE percentile we also accept this course so these are the financial aid which is a kind of scholarship 10% 200% waiver in the entire fees what we do give to the participants throughout for the full-time program what we offer you can check every single detail use mansion in the website so you are in fourth year now you will become 10:30 oh right so when I will be completing check that and you will have some idea that how much you are getting into and how much scholarship you can eligible for but there is completely depending upon your interview there is a process as well I will show you the process the admission process if you guys are looking forward to enroll for these courses you have to fill the online application then when personal interview would be scheduled if you guys have already completed your be tagged your graduation if you are looking forward to enroll for these courses even the candidates who are watching us live so applications are open we are conducting the interviews on 7th this July and 14th also 14 July tomorrow interviews are happening but tomorrow it cannot be done because entire slots have been filled up seventh we are open and 14th another interviews are lined up in case anybody get through and shortlisted we extend the admission offer on the very same day this is how the process will work if you want to wish to apply for that Oh through that ages or T dot n or maybe you can go to M University dot mu B slash ages pick up the course click on the apply button suppose you are applying for this Cyber Security click on apply or maybe any program you can click you have to login by using a Google Facebook or LinkedIn credentials and this is how you have to apply any questions over guys yes fee for which program showed the different models full-time are for executive it is 3.3 5 lakhs plus taxes for Mumbai location yes and for executive online it's two point three five plus taxes any more questions you have it says in the pipeline it will be live few ones on the line but if you guys have already know some of these scales we are very much looking forward to get on board these individuals who have some technology orientation who can contribute because it's a open project right it's non-commercial project so you can come and contribute into that particular project it will be live in out of the two to three out of the line so for this kosher project government is supporting us in a big way on the government they are supporting us in a big way go ah government they have signed an MoU with us all NGOs and police stations everybody write cyber cell they're supporting us in a big way it's a noble cause you can also contribute to any of the project and also we do observe the interns as well if you guys think suppose you are fresher right if you have upgraded yourself on those are Python any scales machine learning a I do approach to us this is the email id I have mentioned do write to us with your CV with the project with the scales what you have got we are very much observing the candidates on globally any questions so far guys alright so pleasure talking if you would have any questions Jordan my coordinates you can reach out to me thank you thank you so much pleasure

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