Obita Amos ICT Improved mini lecture

welcome everybody would it be lecture which is going to be presented by with a most on the topic the east african community when you look at this diagram we have the abbreviation here es he studied for its african community here we are reaching one another as a sign of unity and togetherness and in the middle we have the motto is africa all this is called the emblem of East Africa and W we have the writing jamia Africa yamasaki meaning one people one destiny in this mini lecture we are going to look at the background of the east african community so when we talk about the east african community this is original in the metal cooperation of an injection and this community was found a way back in 1967 the founder members for this where julius nyerere a from tanzania we have John Yatta from Kenya and Apollo metal body from Uganda the three leaders met in Tanzania under the leadership of Julia illusion where we have the eight water of the East African Community we are going to look at the regions or the objectives why the east african community was formed one it was home to maintain peace security and stability within the region to to promote trade among the member states three it was formed for promotion of just terrible you too late next resources and Environmental Protection and then it was also to foster development in the region that is economic social and then political development furthermore the community was formed to connect this African with other regional and then international organization like the United Nations and then the Economic Community of West African states it was also formed to promote unity and cooperation among the Member States however this community lasted for 10 years and it collapsed in 1977 what do you think we're the factors that contributed to the collapse of the so frickin community in 1977 our leaders thought it wise and they revised the community after the collapse therefore in 2000 it became operational again as it was Dhamma in 2000 Wanda and Rooney that we are not member light and they were admitted and they became members again in 2016 South Sudan being the youngest African state also applied and was admitted currently his Africa community is made up of six countries namely Tanzania Kenya Uganda Rwanda Burundi and South Sudan thank you very much for listening the end of our lecture thank you

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