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why should one wheat or like spoiled ya feel so lucky Kenzie is here representing ninja and she is the director of innovations and director of culinary marketing at ninja but I know you also as a cookbook author yeah there's a blogger you helped you're part of the design team for the foodie the big launch that we had a kitty seat now this machine is something that we love our Auto IQ we love our ninja what is this fresh vac technology so fresh back is actually going to let you do everything you know and love when you use a ninja but it's actually going to allow you to remove the oxygen from your smoothie before you blend it so you're gonna keep smoothies fresher longer you're gonna have less separation less color deterioration but my personal favorite is you can blend the night before leave that smoothie in the fridge and go get it the next morning so you're out the door it doesn't get all weird and separated and congealed nest you know right in front actually have an example of a smoothie that was done this is just apples and water is it really basic visual here's one without fresh back and here's what fresh back enables so you're having brighter colors less separation and you're really gonna enjoy drinking that smoothie not have all those particles built up that is cool that's something that with our traditional blenders we haven't had this option before okay so this is k4 eight nine five eight the item that we're discussing in particulars right here at the end of the table of course you get the Nutri ninja 1100 watt blender base but what you're also getting are the two cups you're getting the two lids but this is the magic right here this is the fresh vac technology and you're getting every single bit of it now we're gonna discuss more about what each piece does but at retail this goes for 100 $23.32 we get it our competitors that's not bad we kind of went up to you a little bit though because today we have it for forty three dollars and thirty four cents less right here at QVC so the totally price tag seventy nine ninety eight we have reduced shipping and handling right now and we have five easy payments of $16 now that reduced shipping and handling goes away at the end of the day but let's see it in action let's see how this all comes together so you're gonna fill your cup just like you normally would all your ingredients in add your blade this is where things differ you're gonna pop open this little release just a little snap you're going to put on that fresh back pod that we were just talking about and then simple as the push of a button right at the top here there's a big button with a power symbol zero here click that once and automatically the air is being sucked out it's like a little vacuum sucking all of that air out you can actually see at the bottom some bubbles popping up because pulling all of the air out and that's what's really removing oxygen from your smoothie as soon as that's done the light is going to shift to a green you've heard it stop automatically it has to push anything and now I'm going to push this little green button to remove the vacuum pod and I don't have to quick cover anything because it's already covered for me it's already done there's a little valve release there I'm gonna place it right on our ninja and we just have this little step in sometimes you have to lock the and we actually improved that as well making it easy for you and right in front we have Auto IQ so I'm going to go ahead and choose smoothly like all of our ninjas Auto IQ gets to work immediately pulsing and pausing my team of chefs designed all of those programs pulverizing all of the ingredients and in here we had citrus so like that you know from citrus it breaks all of that down the beets are pulverized into a little countdown of how long I have to go on the front so you can take a step away maybe your and your Berlin doing breakfast so it really allows you to multitask and when it's done it'll say zero I'm gonna pop it off and I want you to get close to hear this because I'm gonna pop up the lid and I'm going to now pop open this little seal at the top and you're gonna hear the sound of freshness oh did you hear that I sure did that sounds delicious you know what – this is something that is going to help me keep my good intentions Oh as we go to the store and we get the fresh fruits and veggies yep we have the blender already right but then in the morning what happens life and we run out of time the night before to your point I'm doing the dishes I'm still up I'm still in that mode of getting everything done in the kitchen I can get this done the night before but not sacrifice in taste or consistency in flavor exactly how many times do we buy those fresh using that vegetables and then we go to the store and we just opt for something that's off the shelf because it's more convenient and you you know waste those fruits and veggies that you bought that is delicious glad you like it there's beets in here there's beets in there yep yep I don't taste anything cuz beets have a strong I mean yeah they have their own personality strawberry beet blast so it's not beets it's got pomegranate juice it's got strawberries and citrus so we're covering up all those flavors so let me ask you this me and I can I bring you over here with me of course because each one of these containers is how big are these 24 ounce exactly so we get to 24 ounce containers got that we get the 1100 watt nutri ninja bass and we'll talk about all the buttons and so forth in a moment but this right here this is the housing for the fresh vac technology exactly it's all built into that pod and that pods really what sets it apart from everything else and if you spin it forward you'll see again keep going keep going you'll see that it's so simple there's the button on the top and a light indicator right here in front got it and that's just going to change based on whether or not you've removed all of that oxygen so you don't even have to worry about monitoring anything it's gonna do it all for you and so the concept here is to take the oxygen out of the blender cup prior to blending everything together because we're maximizing flavor and freshness because this concept of taking oxygen out of food to maintain freshness that's not a new concept on us now but it is when it comes to our blender exactly this technology coming together with a high-power blender for the first time is what we're talking about with k4 eight nine five eight so five easy payments of $16 but even if I'm making tough things like Apple's can it handle that it can handle all that and apples are a great example you know when you pack lunches for the kids your apples turn this brown color because of the oxygen the oxygen is oxidizing your fruits and veggies so to get rid of that we're actually removing the oxygen so that you're maintaining color you're maintaining freshness and you're gonna get that less separation if you make it in advance so here I'm doing a tough green smoothie we've got all of our fibrous fruits that's an old joke in there this is one of my favorites it's the cucumber quench so we've got cucumbers grape skins spinach everything that you're gonna want to pulverize I'm going to go ahead and choose extract because if you look here on the control panel we have the two Auto IQs for smoothie and extract smoothie is for your fruit and dairy based smoothies extract is for those really tough ingredients those fibrous greens nuts a little longer and I just want you to watch because automatically we're talking and we are bringing all of those ingredients down I don't have to stand there and shake you know those blenders oh my gosh you know what this makes you think up to about seven and a half inches high so I'm going to be able to tuck it underneath my standard size cabinet the cord is two and a half feet long and if you are trying to eat smarter on the road if you're trying to eat smarter in your own home downsizing apartments this is going to fit in beautifully but it's not a crazy loud machine it's the first thing to catch my ear but at 1,100 watts of total power look at how I mean in seconds you grab again basically the lawn and a to a beverage yep look at that and I actually stopped that program just a few minutes early because I said this is the consistency I want so I can take it on the go and you'll notice I actually didn't use fresh back here because I poured it right away for you you can just take it on the goat so you can use fresh back but you don't have to use fresh back you can really customize here little ginger in there so we're gonna take a look at the fresh vac difference again that we showed you at the beginning of the presentation what are we looking at here can see here what you're seeing is a variety of different smoothies because it works on so many different ingredients and you can see that fresh back difference on the Left fresh back make sure that you have less foam less separation brighter colors and textures as well as that brighter flavor you're commenting on the ginger you're commenting that you don't taste that deep feet because fresh back is also making your drinks more vibrant I wanted to put this in the front of the table again because look I mean a super super green smoothie he would have completely separated by now even just seconds later look at the blending that's what we're talking about less safe separation means better flavor and so what you're saving today is $43 34 cents and it's on five easy payments of $16 but that reduced shipping and handling of three dollars and fifty cents does go away at the end of the day today now are you on with David later on today thank you thank you continue to place your orders but coming up in about ten minutes on in the kitchen with Mary

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