Nursing Informatics Student Katie Brooks

my name is Katie Brooks and I'm a student in the nursing informatics master's specialty I also work as a neuro critical care nurse at the Johns Hopkins Hospital when I was looking for nursing informatics programs I stopped my search after finding the University of Maryland's program I was impressed by their number one national ranking and their long history of excellence they developed the first master's program in the nation and the first doctoral program with an emphasis in nursing informatics and of course several of their faculty members are top informatics experts you can't get better than that I chose the nursing informatics field because I want to solve problems and improve workflows for nurses and other clinicians my goal is to use health information technology to make bedside care safer more efficient and easier for nurses and other care providers all of my courses at the University of Maryland are online which requires a much more driven self-motivated approach than in-person learning however the flexibility of online learning can not be beat the University of Maryland School of Nursing is truly the only school I would consider because I knew it was the best not only the best informatics program but also the best education I could receive it was a great choice

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