okay Justin in room six we have Nicole Polizzi she's here for a blood transfusion her blood type is a-positive she has no known allergies and she's here with her sister Dina she may have some questions so if you could just do your best to put her at ease I came from a lot of assessments today today but Justin this is important she's getting a blood transfusion where it could be serious complications can I just look up for information on the computers and I won't therefore I don't wanna break into ours well if you need anything I'm being pulled over to five East so you can just give me a call on the spectra link but you really should let me give the report it's alright I got your phone number hi man can you let me know what my patient room six it's Nicole Pelosi I missed in conference when you were telling me what her blood type was I can't find it in this like on this computer in her chart if they've never really trained us how to use that all they did was like sit us in front of this demo screen I'm just so irritated both circles have again oh it's tight babe that's what I thought alright thanks bye you're just in here on the way toes you wanted I'm already doing an assessment can you you know it's alright I got it I'll just put in the computer after I finish this I just want to finish this assessment okay um this keeps bees really starting to get annoying but I just want to make sure that everything's going okay and then I'm not I wouldn't worry about it these pumps are brand new and they're really safe so I mean I'll just put it on silent and I'll come back in here in a little bit so it doesn't bug you okay you know I really don't feel safe with him he really made nervous just seem like he knows what he's doing that pump or that even like really cares about me I just want a new nurse to take care of me hey Nicole I see your IVs beeping in here let's see oh my gosh I can't believe Justin will let this run dry yeah it's been beeping like that for the last 20 minutes hmm well I'm gonna go get him and we're gonna figure this out thank you hey Justin you really need to check in on your patients more often Nicole in room 6 our transfusions been done for the last 30 minutes or so yeah about that can you go in there and help me with that new pump it's so confusing they don't really train us how you use this yeah sure no problem let's go in there and take care of it right now okay Justin these new pumps actually are a lot more easier to use in the older ones all you're gonna do is you're gonna hit stop to stop the IV and you're gonna hit the off button and then you're just gonna open up here and then you're all finished wow that is a lot easier all right Nicole I'm gonna just continue your like IV infusion now okay do you feel any burning or itching well that's going in her now nope I'm pretty good all right sounds good I'll be back to check on you in just a little bit okay thanks okay Justin make sure that you charger response to the infusion she just received it's important for the doctors to have access to that information okay Nicole your lab values have come back normal and the doctor says you're free to go home here I have your discharge information and along with that I have a survey that has to do regarding your care that you received today so if you can go ahead and fill that out and we'll make sure that your your views are heard get crazy meanwhile let's party get loud if you wanna have fun do something if you wanna have time to do something

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  1. Francis Louie Merjudio said:

    ok seriously, this is so disrespectful

    June 26, 2019

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