NTTF SUP Mechatronics MSD Project(2016-2019) Batch no 8

for example with sixaxis for us CEO people was getting that yet what size so these decipher machine which is a first order for permission before the sausage having salting section in spinning section and which is in section 1 1 but will come after the program after and will happen after the comma is not corrected not sitting after rejection have an economy it will where the last steps after starting the section it will come the pots from here ir sensors the signal which will give the relay after robot will actuate robotic click the play with the pots and it will fix the core pot and I each and every possible which the product like the product like that should eat together after you clear I user again it will actuate the rope it and robot it will freaking place from here under this conveyor if you start forward it from there this product will come to here after this is a packing section it will fall down in the boxer after hold on this is all for holding the boxes after holding it will release the boxes for sensing that notion that gun will is started to rotate this Kinect is started to rotate automatically this mechanism it will close the boxes is a box closing mechanism automatically close the box from here up to here will go star sections this is a fifth mechanism through four it will take the cracking chicken it will like to press the tip after that IR will be there this IRL spins will stop the motor and again it will actuate the robot robot you can place the back

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