Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex – CPI's new blended, eLearning option.

Ben Franklin said time is money while those words are very powerful entrepreneur author and motivational speaker Jim Rhon took it one step further instead time is more valuable than money you can get more money but you cannot get more time but what if you could get more time that is we know that many of the challenges related to facilitating training in your organization are related to time juggling schedules trying to find time to fit in a day and a half of training finding temporary replacement staff to cover for your staff while they're in training it all adds up that's why we want to introduce you to flex CPI's new blended e-learning option flex combines online and classroom experiences giving you greater flexibility for delivering staff training the first program we are launching on flex is nonviolent crisis intervention training when we rolled out enhancements to the program in July of 2015 it was to give you more flexibility and more options nonviolent crisis intervention flex is just one more option and just as effective let's take a closer look at how it works step 1 participants complete the online portion of the course through an interactive learner centric experience they're introduced to the basic concepts of non-violent crisis intervention training most learners will complete the online portion in two to three hours step 2 certified instructors facilitate discussion around the knowledge participants come to class with and focus on content application and skills practice most organizations complete the instructor-led classroom portion in three to five hours step 3 after successfully completing steps 1 & 2 participants earn their blue card confirmation and are ready to provide care welfare safety and security for themselves their co-workers and the individuals they serve nonviolent crisis intervention flex it's the same program that sets the global standard for behavior management training just delivered in a way that can save you and your organization some very valuable time

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  1. Sandra Williams said:

    I need to take the test for this class, "ED Quiz"  under "Current Courses" to take the 10 question quiz

    June 30, 2019

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