New wind-turbine analytics software combines data, analytics & automation

welcome to the sky specs booth at a we a 20-18 I'm Joe Silla Verde principal product manager for sky specs today at a Weah we're unveiling our new wind turbine analytics and management software horizon I'd like to take a few minutes and go through a quick demo with you today we start off on the homepage where we've got a great dashboard of quick analytics that we can look through understand the inventory of our fleet get a little bit of insight as to the inspections that we've done over the last several months look at overall capacity and need for new inspections on the horizon we can dive into a little bit more detail on the makeup of our fleet what type of glades we have what type of turbines we have where they are and sort of an ongoing understanding of what the status of them might be one of the key components of horizon is the ability to pull together all sorts of data coming from inspection data repaired data other fleet-wide data pulling it all together in the cloud and making available on an interactive analytics platform we can pull together things and create interactive dashboards where we can identify damaged trends potential repair costs and other pieces of information that are helpful in making business decisions about your fleet from our inspections dashboards we can quickly identify damages that we'd like to have repaired flag them and dive into a repair work order that we can then send to repair vendors to have them bid on we can very quickly see information roll back in from our repair vendors to make some decisions about what we would like to have repaired how much it would cost and when we can actually start the repair process as repairs are completed the repair manager will get status updates from our repair vendors where we can very easily and quickly see status of repairs will see repair photos that have been uploaded from the field all of that information ties back into our analytics platform the real value in horizon is pulling together the key stakeholders in the wind energy industry to make business decisions based on real data Verizon is a platform that allows us to collect data from all different sources including inspections and other systems centralizes it in one place from there we can quickly and easily discover all the aspects of our data best-in-class analytics that can help us generate actionable plans that we can use to plan repairs and execute repairs which are managed in horizon thanks again for joining me for the demo Verizon I'm Joe syllabary product manager at sky specs for more information on horizon please visit us at sky specs comm thanks again [Applause] you

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