New MBA concentration in Data Analytics

every industry every company especially in today's day and age needs to use data and needs to become data-driven if they want to be competitive in their marketplaces a good question is what areas of industry will be looking at data analytics and I can hardly think of anyone that will not be looking at this learning how to kind of be a detective and look at all this information and find opportunities to help drive solid business outcomes there's a really fun process it's very vast it's from the travel industry to the banking industry to the insurance industry and there's a whole list of other things that are coming along that I think are gonna be very big disruptors and this is a field in which you can play a part in that northwestern helped me kind of figure out where my identity is and getting to the point where I actually believe the truths that the Bible says about Who I am has given me this ultimate confidence to go into the working world with this new confidence and energy and passion that I wouldn't have been able to do if I didn't know who I was in Christ in north-western helped me get to that point we really believe that having Christians at the forefront of how data is going to be analyzed and used is very important in our society studying data analytics concentration with the MBA program at Northwestern is unique because you'll be able to study it from a biblical perspective and we'll discuss what are the ethical and moral ramifications of the way that you analyze data the field is so new there are no rules yet as we've been seeing in Congress so I think the university at Northwestern we can bring in more concepts more theoretical kinds of events that can occur and put them in perspective in a Christian perspective of how you would deal with those most programs are computer science programs with some data analytics tacked on at the end and our program is unique in that you're taking two Analytics courses at the begin at the graduate level the distinction is not just can we analyze the data and interpret the data but then can we use the data to fit within the mission of an organization and can we use that data to help us to be able to make decisions about an uncertain future you're looking at all this information and then you get to have to build something that then influences business to make a decision based off of your data you have to know how to sell know how the market but then you also have to be analytically sharp so that you can actually execute upon what you're talking about so like all those different apps that you have to wear is makes it a really exciting career you

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