New Live Target Slow Roll Shiner with ICT

hi I'm Jason Southland live target we're here at the 2019 ICAST show and we got some amazing new baits to show you today i CT injected core technology folks it's a new wave a baits here absolutely created and unlike any other bait on the market this is the new slow roll shiner absolutely amazing bait for you paddle tail guys that love the paddle tails this is gonna replace what you've been using on your soft plastics the bait swims absolutely unreal has a very very lifelike inner core that's inside of a clear EXO skin that gives the bait its motion and movement you'll notice the paddle tail on the EXO skin is transparent and clear under water where the fish have a hard time seeing it there they focus on the natural bait itself the very realistic eyes the Gill powder and the dorsal fin everything is set up very natural the baits swim super lifelike you can use it in a multitude of ways one of the ways I like to do is I like to rig it with a 500 wide gap hook this is the five inch I throw it out I work it as a surface bait right along the surface but let work it right on the top super effective bait that way you can also use a four 5o wide gap weighted hook definitely go with a wide gap it's going to give you a better advantage on your hook ups the weighted hook will allow you to slow roll the bait just under the surface or even down along the bottom and deep water if you're into that guys saw a lot of swim baits and that stuff nowadays this is a great go-to bait to go that it's not near as bulky as those big swim baits you don't have all the weight in the head and some of those other things it's gonna give you a very unique option for those anglers and the paddle tail the vibration that comes off the paddle tail is like no other bait on the market you're getting able to work this the fish feel the vibration from a longer way away than most of your conventional saw plastics they see the very very lifelike image and they come over and they commit to the bait get out today check out the new ICT stuff from live target and the slow roll shiner you won't be disappointed

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