New Land Rover DEFENDER – Technology

[Music] equipped for 21st century adventures defender features our most advanced technologies to date ensuring you and your passengers are always connected informed and entertained always ready and always on pivi Pro is our most intuitive infotainment system ever this state-of-the-art innovation is more familiar more responsive and thanks to software updates it’s updated remotely to help ensure optimal performance using machine learning it adapts guidance based on your familiarity with the roads and the real time traffic conditions dynamic routing systems will even propose an alternative route if a faster one becomes available and with additions such as the smartphone pack an online pack with data plan you can all stay in touch informed and entertained even with online music services clear sight rearview mirror is a cutting edge technology which uses a live video feed from the roof antenna so when your view is blocked you can still see what’s behind you [Music] whilst clear-site Grandview helps you avoid obstacles in front of the vehicle with cleverly positioned cameras which seemingly let you see through the body [Music] packaged into the center console wireless device charging lets you easily charge your smartphone without having to plug it in though several USB ports are also available the Meridian sound system is also featured unless you feel every beat of every piece of music you want to listen to or opt for Meridian surround sound system which uses strategically positioned speakers to ensure that wherever you sit in the vehicle you get the same incredible experience the head-up display presents key vehicle data on the windscreen such as your speed or navigation directions it features crystal-clear graphics enabling you to see all information with ease including off-road driving information such as incline and camber angles combined with an interactive driver display it puts key information right where you need it clever features such as cabin air ionization improve air quality by reducing allergens and airborne bacteria heated seats are available across all three rows guaranteeing the warmest of welcomes our driver assistance features include Blind Spot Assist which will detect another car in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes adaptive cruise control will automatically keep your vehicle a safe distance from the vehicle in front should it slow or stop when you’re cruising or traveling in slow-moving traffic the 3d surround camera provides 3d viewing perspectives from around the vehicle on the touchscreen that are otherwise impossible to obtain without getting out of your defender and to make life even easier the activity key now X is normal car key allowing you to unlock and start your vehicle on road matrix LED headlights with adaptive driving being provide the ultimate in visibility dimming segments of the beam of oncoming traffic to help prevent dazzling so if you’re in the middle of the concrete jungle or the back of beyond defenders technologies ensure you’re always connected you

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