Nature`s I.Q. film trailer

how do animals know then and what to do what they do sometimes contradictory facts that cannot be accommodated begin to accumulate and this may provoke a crisis then scientists may be forced to modify or change their paradigm the dance of the honeybee is a unique example of a complex communication system because in this one dance the honeybee communicates the distance and direction to a flower field to the members of its high instincts I would say our predisposed pathways in the nerve net in the brain just newborns fly across from Alaska to Australia and New Zealand a distance of 11,000 kilometers that these newborn birds cover in eight days without stopping for field rest or water with evolutionary biologists there is generally one explanation for anything that's imperative the origin is considered to be just a random mutation how does the salmon known how to migrate back upstream against the rivers claim back to their freshwater birthplace after spending several years in the open sea in salt water I think another reason to suspect this idea that there can be selection for this and for this for this separately it doesn't seem very plausible when you're talking about the complexity of the way of life of any kind of organism this idea of adding piece by piece is in some sense logical but in another sense that this doesn't feel right organism is not a machine it doesn't have pieces that come apart and put back together you

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