Native American Outreach Day at RIT

[UPBEAT MUSIC]>>We’ve invited students from the local Native
American communities to RIT. So today they are here on campus learning
about RIT, specifically the College of Applied Science and Technology. And today they are exploring five different
programs within the College of Applied Science and Technology.>>We’re hoping that they give RIT a really
serious look and realize how many different areas they could potentially study in our
college and in the university. We also hope that those students that are
evolving, they find some motivation to do really well in school next year. And certainly at some point in time they realize
when they go on from high school to college that this is a good place to be.>>I hope students will go away with a better
understanding of all the programs that RIT has to offer, especially the unique programs. Also going away with an understanding that
RIT has a support service for Native American students, the Native American Future Stewards
Program, and that they will feel comfortable coming to RIT because they know that they
will have that support and that cultural connection.

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