Nathan Johnson: An IoT Transportation Revolution | Perspectives from The Summit

CIOs are becoming more and more the
integrators. So, the challenge to introduce capabilities like cloud, like
mobile, like social — integrating those into an architecture and progressing at
the speed that we need to progress with the agility to adapt to our customer
demands. I think that's the single biggest change
I've seen. We used to talk about investing in trucks and trailers. That
was the predominant capital investment. Now, IT is being prioritized in
conjunction. Our strategy for the last two years has really been centered on we
call it the five T's: trucks, trailers, talent, terminals, and technology. So, we've made
the investments in the capital. We're making the investments in the talent
both at the driver level as well as our support and other staff. So, we're
working very hard at the back end on Big Data solutions, on machine learning, on
artificial intelligence for both our asset- and non-asset-based operations. We
can use things like AI to take enormous amounts of Big Data, project out where
the best carrier would be to deliver a customer shipment, network that across a
very complex set of factors, and optimize the service delivery and the cost
structures for our customers. When you look at the explosion in IoT and those
technologies, we see that as an enormous opportunity to drive safety and
productivity within our fleets. Balancing those operational technology investments
with more traditional IT investments are becoming even more critical.
Software-defined networking, building out microservices, the ability to invest in
security, building security in from day one – those are investments upfront that
will pay dividends longer term. The investments in IoT and operating
technologies are really instrumental to who we are as a logistics provider.
We've always had those kind of investments from 1956 into the 90s when we digitized
trucking, as we launched our logistics operations and even in today.

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