My Story: Krista — Heinz College MSPPM Data Analytics Program

my name is Krista canard I'm a second year public policy and management student data analytics track and this is my story after graduating from undergrad I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do so I ended up joining the Peace Corps where I worked in Ecuador as a community health educator we were actually collecting data on all of the children in the 25 communities I was working at data just kept becoming this recurrent theme and I knew I needed to learn more about it but I also wanted to see how you can use data to make a real world impact if you had asked me what programming was before I came to Heinz I would have told you it's something that nerdy boys do to make their video games cool so don't worry if you don't feel like you have a strong quantitative background because Heinz will really bring it out in you and will really kind of foster and hone those quantitative skills and turn them into something part of the Heinz curriculum is that every student must do what's called a capstone project a I'm on a team of six really amazing women we're working with Professor John Caulkins and our client is r and specifically the liquor and cannabis board in Washington State to evaluate the new legal marijuana market the two years here at Heinz have have really prepared me for a career in analytics and given me very specific skills that I can apply to solving complex problems and now I program I'm going to work for IBM as an analytics consultant writing code every day I love you

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