My Story: Justin — Heinz College MSPPM Data Analytics Program

hi I'm Justin Cole originally from beautiful Watertown New York I'm in the public policy and management data analytics track at Heinz College and this is my story I always say running it's not what I do but it's what makes everything else I do okay you're just putting one foot in front of the other like I'm working a toward something but at the same time I'm doing it because I love it not because I'm forced to do it or because someone's asking me to do it there's no fast tracks to you know success in running it is relentless grueling day after day desire to want to just improve yourself in some way things have very rarely come naturally to me in any way shape or form including running grad school very much was in that same respect most classes especially the quant classes did not come naturally for me given my lack of quantitative background putting in that hard work putting in that kind of relentless grind day after day whether it was an assignment or whether it was a you know recitation or a class I found that it really paid off in the end having worked in government having worked with technology I knew that I was looking for a program that really brought the two worlds together and there are very few programs I'd say in the country that are as focused exactly on that kind of nexus of government and technology as Hinds colleges and so seeing you know the city of Pittsburgh and feeling like being myself interested in economic development and understanding why cities go through this kind of boom and bust cycle and I looked at this two years at CMU as an investment in a new skill set that I didn't have previously cities are increasingly using technology to deliver government services and so I was just really passionate and interested in that this was a place where I could be myself and kind of get that cross-disciplinary experience that I was looking for in grad school that's why I I love it so much

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