MSc Data Analytics at Queen's University, Belfast

no matter where you go in the world my everybody is collecting dinner on you as a person getting a tree and a fly there's data being collected all the time the Masters has actually been designed specifically to meet the needs of industry I went around all the companies asking what skills are required they need people who can get the intelligence over the data that it gets used to improve a system and to make things better I found the more deals much better in comparison to other universities so that is why I was determined to pursue data I'll take some Queens University you could work in absolutely any area that's so diverse I thought I was just such a growing area pure corn I promise they teach you everything every programming language and my class people are from different backgrounds be from geography pharmaceutical to technological so you don't need to know anything prior to this we have six taught modules they start with fundamentals of data analytics so that's really more of a mathematical statistical understanding data they learn R which is a coding language so that they could manipulate and use their data and then from that they move on to fundamentals and programming and databases they learn sequel SQL Hadoop the most common packages and software that will be used we then have a module on data mining which is there okay let's get into the data let's start to find interesting relationships with the data and what what does it mean and then we take that a step further and go into machine learning more computer based techniques dealing with very large data sets dealing with images didn't types of data and then we have a module frontiers of analytics which is really the very new emerging areas and research so that will change as time progresses at the moment half of that modules on visualization and visual analytics and we half on behavioral analytics so for instance we've got austere rugby teams five years worth of their data and then we can carry out behavioral analytics on the players and then the last module is analytics and action basically all the theory and coding and practice that they've learnt the previous five modules are then packaged into practice so we have companies coming in doing our little thorns where they're patching problems of the students and they're getting into teams and coming up with solutions and presenting that box and then being judged by the companies and some of those companies are actually companies and all of the part of the placement opportunity then after that the police look really is to put them in a work environment to put what they've learned in the theory and in the classroom into practice to make the conclusions of the analysis of impact just from speaking to the companies quite a lot of them are nearly saying that as a probation for potentially becoming you know fully employed with that or you know getting a job with a company in the end the teaching style is what we've called blocked in every mode so each module is deliberate on its own individually each while just four weeks the first two are more like taking in information and in the next two you are actually putting adieus assume what you can do with it once a week a company will come in to us on our lunch hour and just tell us all what their call themselves on prospects that we could receive if we were to go to work for them or even just someone like them the teachers are very helpful if you just mail them if you are having any trouble so they just reply within within few minutes and we have the teaching assistants we have a drop-in sessions they are very helpful so many doors are opened just by its oriental eyes that I didn't really have a few is definitely added to my skill set and sense that I'm not just the theoretical side of things I can in this course I feel like there's a lot more practical yes I can see what I will be doing in a real life job the opportunities are really endless for the students when they finish I would there is a problem at all with all students getting a job locally but at the same time there's lots of international opportunities there for them as well

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