Mobile Edge Computing: The Edge is the Future

mobile edge computing a new option for network operators who are challenged with economically meeting the increasing demand for improved coverage and providing more bandwidth to data hungry consumers in this presentation we will elaborate more how it can directly benefit the mobile operators network and future architecture what do five million thirty five percent and fifty percent all have in common there are over five million cell towers globally with the potential for deployment of 5 million edge cloud servers by adding edge cloud servers operators can save up to 35% on backhaul usage from the radio access network to the existing application server by 2018 it is estimated that 84% of all IP traffic in the US will be made up of gaming video and streaming web content users will demand low latency and improved qoe with edge cloud architectures it is estimated that latency will be reduced by 50 percent a d-link announces the first Zeon Class weatherproof extreme outdoor rugged server for edge cloud architectures also known as NEC mobile edge computing a d-link Seto 1000 is a specialized server designed for extreme harsh outdoor environments the Sena 1000 is IP 65 rated for ingress protection against dust and water jets withstands temperature conditions and exceeds nebs shock and vibration protection this extreme outdoor server is a one-of-a-kind computing device which is powered by two of the latest intel xeon e5 processors supports up to 96 gigabytes of memory and features multiple i/o options with dual swappable santé storage bays the Seto 1000 enables virtualized cloud server applications at the edge of mobile networks mobile edge computing is an NC standards-based architecture enabling operators isps to implement a greater mix of applications on the mobile edge or radio network environment the NEC architecture is made up of three key elements the NEC hosting infrastructure management system which consists of the Seto 1000 server virtualization layer and the virtualization manager the NEC application platform management system which provides traffic control ran information services communication services and service registry it is also the key interface to the third element the application management system a virtualized machine for the NEC applications the Seto 1000 can also utilize ad links application ready intelligent platform software which includes packet manager remote management functions and system management api's for application developers AR IPS enable customers to focus primarily on their application instead of the IOT platform building blocks required for cloud computing there are a wide range of Seto 1000m EC application possibilities one of the most key use cases for this architecture is reducing backhaul and transmission costs by optimizing the network with a Seto 1000m EC system examples of this application include data caching of video content gaming web content DNS caching of peer-to-peer applications and use your plain of s1 links enabling proxy services at the edge for web proxies transparent security and VPN proxies and content filtering proxies filtering of URL web addresses for private enterprises being served by the Seto 1000 data compression and IPSec at the edge to increase the data flow between the edge and the application server and finally implementing codecs and compression techniques at the edge to provide improve video optimization for broadcasters cable providers and video applications another key use case of mobile edge computing is to allow operators to improve the user experience by enhancing application responsiveness and quality examples of this application include utilization of deep packet inspection to provide content-aware quality of service by adjusting specific parameters as required by the application providing personalized advertising coupons and merchandise offerings from business and venues in close proximity to users geo targeting of advertisements can offer improved revenue streams for both the operators and local businesses providing additional data analytics for application providers including real-time monitoring and storage variables not impacting the backhaul operators are looking to increase their revenue as well as expand their key commercial and over-the-top customer base some examples of settle 1,000 use cases for revenue increase and customer base expansion include geo targeting services for nearby businesses improved 911 C services a management of IOT and transportation devices these geo related services lessen the data streaming load and backhaul to remote servers augmented reality services can provide an overlay of information on mobile devices to improve the users experience in locating information and services in real time by being distributed at the edge these services reduce latency and improve the responsiveness for the user while as well as expand reducing backhaul traffic operators can utilize the set of 1,000 to implement a virtualized cloud radio access network by integrating 2g 3G and LTE rain gear onto a virtualized cloud server this enables the reduction of proprietary build gear onto an etsy standardized NEC server saving both OPEX and capex for the operator the Seto 1000 allows powerful common platform architecture for virtualized radio access equipment and provides consolidated security remote management open applications and reduction of hardware footprint a d-link has partnered with industry-leading partners such as Intel TN toe claw Buster and others to provide an easy introduction to many of the NEC applications that operators desire in this example a d-link is working with tanto to build a veer and software infrastructure enabling smart cell technologies on the Seto 1000 this implementation includes the three key elements of NEC software including the orchestration of cores 4 evolve node B containers real-time analytics of user and control plane traffic and the use of high available software to sense and manage faults before they occur security is a major concern for operators as they open their edge networks to more computing and virtualized applications a d-link has partnered with Clavis tur a 3gpp mobile security company offering key security attributes for NEC virtualized servers some examples of security considerations for m ec are virtual machine isolation for layer 3 to 7 firewalling denial of service protection raid limiting and authentication of services traffic optimization with improved quality of experience per users security prioritization on content filtering application policies threat mitigation services such as intrusion detection services and blocking of users or user groups perimeter and hypervisor pretension to check and scrub security policies on all m ec server traffic compliance logging and analytics for Wi-Fi hetnet and lawful intercept compliance on visited URLs IP addresses and user applications as regulated by local authorities IPSec support for smart cell technologies providing the encryption of traffic from the ran to core networks mobile edge computing is an NC standards-based cloud architecture at the edge of mobile networks and a d.length fully participates with etsy NEC standards there are over five million cell towers globally providing a potential infrastructure for deployment of edge cloud architectures backhaul and transmission costs can be reduced by 35% with cloud architectures at the edge of networks smart cell technologies enables virtualization of evolve node B in mobile networks mobile edge computing improves quality of experience for customers while expanding applications profit for operators deployment of mobile edge computing requires server performance with carrier grade capabilities that can be deployed in extreme outdoor environments the ad link set a 1,000 with mobile edge computing software building blocks is the right product for tomorrow's edge cloud architectures thank you for your time for more information about the product or about the mobile edge computing solution please go to ad links website at

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