Mobile drug testing educational video

*Techno/Dubstep music* *Police sirens* *Generic radio chatter* *60s Guitar Surfer music* Music builds. That last wave was sick hey? Oh yeah, it was amazing. So good! So good in the morning, I love it. *Generic pop music* Hey! Got everything? Yep. Excited for today’s practice? Can’t wait. *Generic club/party music* We’ll go to Michael’s. Wait, Michael or Mark? No it’s Michael. *Giggling, with a hint of a snigger* Alright, hold on, I need my keys. Can you just wait until it’s unlocked? Oh crank the tunes! *Generic radio sounds* Most people don’t take drugs and drive. And if you don’t and you’re pulled over to take a Mobile Drug Test, or MDT as we call it, it’ll just take a few minutes of your time. Police VO – Taking drugs before driving puts you at greater risk of injuring or killing yourself, your mates or other innocent people because drugs can affect your coordination and reaction time, your muscles and vision, and your ability to judge distances and speed. So the NSW Police Force carries out MDT Operations to prevent Drug Driving and to keep you, your family, your mates and everyone else safe on our roads. Did you see that last wave? Oh yeah, that was pretty mad. Sick, hey? So good. Police VO – In NSW, when we say Drug Driving we’re talking about one thing. Driving after drug use. However, if you drive after taking drugs and you’re caught, you can be charged with one of two different offences. The first offence is having illegal drugs present in your system when driving. The second offence is driving under the influence of drugs including alcohol, illegal and pharmaceutical drugs, particularly if they are taken inappropriately or not as a doctor has prescribed. If you are taken to hospital to have blood and urine tests, you can be tested for a wider range of drugs. Whether you’re on your L’s, P’s or you have your full licence, Drug Driving laws apply to all drivers. *Generic club/party music* We’ll just see how it pans out, I think he’s going to Michael’s as well! Hahaha! You’re always watching him like a hawk.
No hahaha! Mobile Drug Testing detects drivers who have recently used four common illegal drugs, which are known to impact driving ability: ecstasy, cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine, which includes speed and ice. *Radio static* With MDT, all drivers in NSW can be stopped by police at any time to have their saliva tested for illegal drugs. Do you want to have a look at this bloke? We’ll give him a test? Yeah I think so. *Police siren* Oh is that for me? Yeah it is. Pull over. Police VO – If you are pulled over, you will need to show your licence and typically you will be first asked to take a random breath test for alcohol. You weren’t speeding were you? I don’t think so… Hi, you’ve been stopped for a random breath test. Can I please see your driver’s licence? Yep Thank you. Have you had any alcohol today? Nope. Okay, if I can get you to count to ten into this device, until I tell you when I say ‘stop’. One, two… Police VO – If you pass the breath test, you will then be asked to wipe an MDT stick down your tongue to check if you have illegal drugs in your system. We’re also doing Mobile Drug Testing. If we could get you to place the wipe on your tongue and wipe it from the back to the front. Yep. Thank you. The test will take three minutes then we’ll come back and see you Police VO – Just the same as a random breath test, it is an offence to refuse this test. Seems like you can be tested for anything, anywhere. I’m glad I don’t do drugs. I could’ve been busted. Police VO – The results can take a few minutes and you must wait until the Police say that you’re in the clear before you can drive away. Okay, that’s all fine. Thank you very much. Thank you. Drive safely, have a good day. Most drivers test negative and are soon on the road again. *Generic pop music resumes* *Generic reggae music plays* Oh man… Hi there! You’ve been stopped for a random breath test. Could I see your Driver’s Licence please? Okay Zayn, have you had any alcohol at all today? Uh no… I’ll just get you to count out aloud to ten for me, thanks. One, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, nine… Okay, that’s all good. We’re also doing some Mobile Drug Testing. Have you had any illegal drugs recently? Uhh no. Alright, I’m just going to give you a… …swipe… …where the two pink pads are. Wipe them from the back of your tongue to the front of your tongue for me, thank you. Thanks Zayn. That’ll be about three minutes. Don’t eat, drink or smoke anything in the meantime. Back to see you shortly. Police VO – The MDT tests that we conduct at the roadside are screening tests only. If your MDT test is positive, you’ll be asked to provide a saliva sample that will be sent off to a laboratory. Police VO – This laboratory test is highly accurate. To provide this sample you will be taken to a roadside testing van or bus or to a police station. Before the sample is sent off to the laboratory a second MDT screening test of the sample is conducted. He’s gone positive to cannabis. Okay Zayn, you’ve tested positive to cannabis. So you’re under arrest and you’ll need to come back into the bus for a secondary drug test. I’ll get you to turn the car off for me. You’re alright to come too, you can wait for him. We’ve got some seats just outside the bus. If you have a seat there, he’ll be about thirty to forty minutes. Okay thanks. Police VO – If the second test is also positive, you’ll be banned from driving for twenty four hours. Police VO – Even if your second MDT screening test is negative, or inconclusive, the results will still be sent off to the lab for verification. You’ll be free to go at that moment and won’t be immediately banned from driving. Okay just take hold of it like this for me, wipe it inside the cheeks, across your tongue. Then place it under your tongue. If the laboratory confirms a positive roadside result that drugs were in your system, police will contact you. If this is a first time offence you can be fined and have your licence suspended for three months. You will receive notice of when your suspension starts in the mail. If this is your second offence, you’ll be charged with driving with the presence of an illegal drug and be required to appear in court Zayn VO (Driver) – Just waiting for the second test to come back. They’ve told me I can’t leave, so it’s pretty nerve-wracking. I thought I’d be alright though, driving this far out of town. Police – Okay the machine has analysed a sample of your saliva and it’s tested positive for cannabis. So you’re going to receive a notice of prohibition for driving for the next 24 hours. Can your mate drive? Uhh…mm…no. Okay so he’s had something too? Yeah. Alright. So who are you going to organise to pick you up? Parents? Yeah I guess I can call Mum… …she’s probably not going to be too happy though. No, I can’t imagine she would be. Okay. Alright, we’ll get that organised now. Yeah I knew he’d had a smoke but I thought he’d be fine. I don’t know how we’re going to get home or go surfing. Police VO – Some illegal drugs can be detected in saliva for a number of days after drug use. It’s difficult to estimate exactly how long a drug will be detectable in your system. It can depend on the type and concentration of the drug taken and can vary between individuals. If you’re affected or have recently used drugs. It’s simple. Don’t drive. Police VO – If Police see something out of the ordinary, like you’re driving in an unusual way, they can pull you over for a random breath test. Is that for me? Female Passenger – You haven’t been drinking have you? No, but I had something earlier… *Engaging handbrake* Police – Good evening, madam, you’ve been stopped for
a breath test. The reason why we stopped you is that just back down the road there you’ve crossed over the double lines. No I didn’t. You’re lucky you didn’t hit the car that was coming
in the opposite direction. Do you have your Driver’s Licence with you? Excellent, thank you. Have you had any alcohol tonight? No. No? Alright, what I’ll get you to do for me just count to ten into this device until I tell you to stop. One, two, three, four, five, six… Thank you, stop. Police VO – And if this breath test is negative and if police believe you may be under the influence of another drug, based on the way you are speaking or acting, they may ask you to complete a sobriety assessment. This can involve some simple tests that give an indication of whether you’re likely to be affected by drugs. Step out of the car for me. Male Passenger – We’re right here for you. *Seatbelt unbuckling* Just go around on to the footpath there. Alright where have you come from tonight? Umm, just a mate’s house. We were at a party. Have you had any illegal drugs tonight? Have you had any drugs tonight? I’m a little bit concerned. Based on the manner of driving we just saw where you crossed over the lines. I noticed that you are chewing. A lot. Which gives me the indication that you’ve got a dry mouth. Which is sometimes an indication of drug use. I’m concerned that you might be driving… …under the influence of an illegal drug. So you’re under arrest, for the purposes of a blood and urine sample to be taken at the hospital. What happens then? The blood and urine gets tested at a lab. Once we get the results back, if they come back positive then we’ll be in contact and you’ll have to appear before a court. Obviously if the results come back negative and there are no drugs in your system then there will be no contact at all and you can carry on. What about my friends? Alright are any of them in a condition to drive the car? No? In that case I’ll have a chat to them in a minute and I’ll make sure they get home safely. What about my car? Unless we can get someone to come pick it up, we’ll lock it up here and it’ll have to stay here for the night. If you fail this assessment, you will be arrested, and police can ban you from driving for 48 hours. Take a seat in the back. Police VO – They will take you to a hospital to have a blood and urine sample taken for testing. These samples are taken by trained medical staff, typically a Doctor or Nurse and are tested for a full range of illegal and pharmaceutical drugs. I can’t call my Mum this late on… we should’ve just crashed the night at Tom’s place. I had no other way of getting home… I guess I didn’t think it through properly. I should’ve asked her… Female Passenger – Uhh will she lose her licence? Is she going to have a criminal record? Or go to jail? She’s one of my best mates. I don’t know what’s going to happen with her. Female Passenger – She must be freaking out. I’m really worried. Female Driver – I had a pill. It was hours ago. I thought I’d be okay by the time I drove home but… I was still out of it. What was I going to do? I was the driver. Police VO – As with the saliva test, if these tests come back positive… results will be given to you by Police, in person or through the mail. You’ll be charged with a drug driving offence and summonsed to court to have the matter heard before a magistrate. You can also be suspended from driving until the charge is heard in court. Police VO – If you’re caught drug driving, you could be fined, lose your licence and end up with a criminal record Police VO – If you’re caught with illegal drugs in your system, you could be fined and lose your licence for three months or more. Police VO – If you’re caught driving under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs, you could lose your licence for three years or more, and could be fined over three thousand dollars. Police VO – You could also be sentenced to up to 18 months in prison. This is if it’s a first offence. Higher penalties may apply for second or subsequent offences. It could get worse. The consequences of being caught drug driving can extend beyond the law. For example if you lose your licence, you might lose your job and not be able to work. Zayn – Well it’s pretty hard living out here without a licence. I gotta get someone to take me to work every day. I never get down to the beach anymore, I don’t get to
go for a surf. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it would have such a
negative impact on my life, y’know? When I took drugs I didn’t think it would still be in
my system. I didn’t even think it would affect my driving. When it was time to go, it was clearly still in my system and then I got pulled over. I went to court and now I have a conviction and a criminal record. I applied for visas overseas because I want to travel and go overseas. But now, I don’t think I can do that. *Radio chatter* Police VO – Mobile Drug Testing is more prevalent than ever. All NSW Police Force Officers are trained to test for drug driving and are equipped with testing devices. We’ve significantly expanded our testing ability State-wide including regional and rural areas to help keep the roads safe for everyone, everywhere. You can now be tested by police in a roadside operation or by any police car. With MDT you can now be tested for drugs when driving anytime, anywhere. There’s no escaping it. *Radio chatter* It’s not always easy to tell if someone you’re driving with has taken drugs. If you think the driver may have taken drugs prior to driving, don’t get in the car with them. If you feel confident enough, you can speak up and try to discourage them. By speaking up, you can be a positive influence. Better yet, plan ahead. If you think there’s a chance that someone you’re driving with will take drugs before driving, work out another way to get around. Most young drivers and passengers do the right thing and I hope that includes you. But even you need to know about drug driving to help you make informed decisions. Police VO – Whether you yourself are driving or you’re travelling as a passenger, drug driving can impair your ability to drive safely and to keep you, your mates and other road users safe. This is the key reason that more drug driving tests are now carried out in NSW. If you are affected or have recently used drugs, don’t drive. It’s just not worth it.

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