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At MMCI, we know that the decision to
integrate robots into your operation can be daunting. You may be asking “Will
robotics really improve productivity? Will a robotic palletizer work with our
other systems? Will it work with our software? And, will it truly provide a
return on investment?” At MMCI Robotics, we help answer these questions and
determine whether robotics is really a good fit for your operation. If it is, we
then tap into our decades of palletizing experience, integrating both conventional
and robotic palletizers, our extensive knowledge of robotics and robotic cell
design, our expertise in integrating material handling systems both upstream
and down, and our specialized skills in implementing the controls and software
needed to ensure the success of every project. Each project starts with an
assessment of your situation to determine whether conventional or
robotic palletization best fits your needs.
If robotic politician appears to be a good fit, we can move to testing the
concepts in our robotics test facility in St. Louis Missouri. Developed using
state-of-the-art Fanuc robots, innovative end-of-arm tooling, and leading inbound
and outbound conveyor systems, we can perform complete studies using your
products to calculate palletizing rates, space requirements, and expected ROI. Once
designed, our in-house engineering and controls teams get to work building out
your robotic palletizing systems. We start with world class robots from Fanuc
Robotics, we then configure or customize the end-of-arm tooling, develop easy-to-use integrated controls, incorporate innovative safety systems, and integrate
the cell with other systems. If necessary, we can even deploy modules from our DCX
warehouse management software to ensure complete integration of the robots with
your company’s software. Once complete, our engineering and
controls teams are deployed to install the system integrated into your facility,
train your team, and develop the plans for ongoing support and maintenance. It’s
all part of how MMCI Robotics is making robotic palletization easy.

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