Mixed Reality with HoloLens 2: A New Vision for Computing by Microsoft

okay let's let's start so I'm here to talk about mainly Orleans – so it's the first time I'm in la ville – well yeah before I was there more to talk about the use cases what our customers we're doing with hololens but this year we have a new annals we have a new product so I'm gonna focus my keynotes on that new product so I'm going to talk a bit more about technology than use cases but hopefully this is what you want to hear and what is new with all our lens – so let's start who has a computer in the room just raise your hand I guess everyone right because I think if we talk about computing we really eat a revolution like in the 70s with the apparition of the PC I know everyone has a PC is well-known second question who has a smartphone in the row maybe – sometimes maybe two smartphones so everyone gamma as asthma phone because again that was the second wave of computing the area of mobility with the operation of smartphone in your personal life in your professional life but no we think at Microsoft that the third wave of computing is about mix reality and when I talk about mix Reggie you know it's about virtual reality augmented reality mixology it's our whatever let's call that mixology let's say that it's about 3d and we really think that now we are transitioning into a 2d word learning through screen through paper into a 3d world and we are really convinced that now and I think if you are in La Valle actual is because you are convinced to that mixology 3d is the new paradigm of of computing so of course there is figures that are explaining that yes we're going to eat a new wave there is money to make there is a market to be honest I think first we see that's more into the consumer market so with VR around gaming around entertainment but now we are also seeing clear signals from our customers from our partners that there is a really need into the enterprise space for that kind of technology and now we see since a few years that that mixed reality is really changing the way we work we learn or we communicate all live or we play and there is a market and I'm think again you're sure of that because you are there with with me with us so if we step back a bit and if we look at how mixed reality is adapting the commercial market know that audience is in the market since three or four years we have seen our customers using a lens on different use cases first one is about remote assistance there is a lot of our customers that are using this kind of technology to provide an additional support to the user by having a description between someone wearing a luminance and on over headset and someone behind the PC that is communicated information to him we also see a lot of information about training and task guidance because it's clearly obvious know we all live and operate in 3d but we still again learn in 2g through screen through a book a paper now if you start to learn in 3d by doing immersive gesture interactive then the level of information that you will keep in your brain will be very much higher than just reading or seeing a video it's natural and there is a lot a lot of company data start to doing 3d training with this kind of technology then of course there is also always about putting the right data in the right context and this is linked also to all the industry 4:02 all the IOT through all the big data key topic that we have and know as we collect all the data the idea is to see that data for this kind of technology in the right place in the right context to be more productive if we move a bit so what is also interesting again as an introduction is since this technology on the market we are already able to measure some return on investment and there is some structure like AGC like Forrester that are providing a some number but there is also some customers and what will happen was interesting with the customers that we had just before and the one that we would have today or tomorrow in the else care and construction sessions that they are already able to give some return and with investment by using this kind of technology you have some figures dance but hopefully we would have more in the in the months and in the years coming about all the trend faster or they operate faster or they boost their productivity etc then our vision at Microsoft on this market is that we can say that we are not new because I don't know if you know that or if you remember that that is the the connect the unit for Xbox actually let's say that this is the grandfather or grandmother of all events because it share a lot in this DNA with Orleans mainly about the sensors and the caterers and actually the Kinect was released 10 years ago so we have 10 years into history into that market that went strong and strong with the really of all our lands the release of the commercial street or four ends then we said hardware is cool but our without application it's nothing so we need also to provide some application to our partners and customers and know we are providing a bit more and a bit more it's starting with all our aims to so we just announced Orleans to during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona almost 1 months ago so what is Orleans so audience to is the most comfortable and immersive musicality experience on the market actually we learn a lot during the last three and four years and we heard a lot of feedback from our partners from you from our customers you again on Orleans 1 and what to be improved and what people want to be improving Orleans one is this kind of three key areas and topics first one is immersion they want to see more holograms second one is economics they want to have something more comfortable to put in their head and the third one is time to value that I will traduce in French by Catalan POIs it means that okay having an ad where it's cool but having an hardware with software with on the shelf application to be used right now in my company it's way better so this is why we work a lot on these three areas to improve Orleans – first is about fill the view so we work through more than double the field of view of all ends between Orleans one and Orleans – because people want to see more Allah grams and if you remember if you were user of Orleans one you had this field of view like very rectangular like that then we work a lot on the verticality on the field of view to use no new formats so it's free Prada me of Jose feel free Alf I don't know how to name it in English so this is the new format of the field of view that is helping you to see way more Holograms in the view and then your experience is way more immersive that was important then we work also lot on the display and we add a new technology that is called MEMS micro electromechanical system so the idea is if we augment the field of view we want to keep the resolution that we have we want to keep the brightness of the Holograms we want to keep the density that we have so we work on this technology to still have a 2k resolution pair eyes despite a wider field of view so this also will allow you to keep the same bright density of the aura grams and not decimated that in your in your experience that is very important then again into the emotion phase was very important also to improve the new sensors the new catters and this is why in front of the Orleans too you have the new generation of a jerky net so you remember 10 years ago it was Kinect for Xbox generation 1 then 2 with Kinect for Windows then free with Kinect followings 1 then no it's the 4th generation so of course we improve a lot the same sauce that is helping us then in changing the way you interact because we've disconnect then you can understand the word run you and your hand are part of this world and if you remember if you a user of Orleans 1 you know I spent 3 years to say to people no you can't touch the hologram you have to do that tap gesture that was not so easy to understand to be honest but now you can touch 0 gram just touch urogram just you want to grab your gram grab urogram you want to use your – and to resize and rogram you can do that and you can do that because know you have these new sensors that are all of you to understand and use the N tracking with 25 points of understanding of your hand and then being more precisely in this and that will be really something new and very interesting because it's more natural people one just to touch and grab they don't want to do that kind of gesture then it's also about understanding the environment and know with the new Kinect you can see that the spatial mapping is way better so our lens will weigh more understand the environment in front of of you and then you can do a very precise mesh of of the room of the of the visit then finally about the email field pcs we had something new so in Orleans we had ad tracking no we have also eye tracking so it means that you will be able to interact with the Holograms in front of you with your eyes or you will also be able to calibrate directly the auto lens and the IPD you know the distance between your Popeil directly with eye tracking and another example is if you will use one or two lanes between a group of five to six people person each of them will be able to use windows hello and then to authenticate themselves with the eyes $2 lens to be configure to that people only so that's that like you do on your PC on all new iPhone friends and stuff so that's also really interesting when you share a device between different people that was all the improvement we made about the immersion the second topic that we learn a lot from our customers and partners is about ergonomics and control again during 3 or 4 years all the engineers that we have in Raymond in Seattle they work a lot yeah they work a lot to have hololens to be fit on all the different kind of air because we are all different and then we want to have all our ends fitting to all these different kind of air and and type of people you know and then the fitting system also we improve that a lot because if you remember hololens so the weight was a lot on the front and then you just have the fitting system in the back no the repetition of the weight is way more balanced because you also have the compute you also have the battery in the back of zero and so actually in turn of weight it's not wear more light than the v1 but in terms of the feeling that you have there is a big difference and then you put the hololens like a baseball cap in the back and then in the front and it's way more convenient – – to put all align so we work a lot on the feet of course that's also something nice and I know that the developers they love this feature so the pivoting visor also it means that you can be in your mix relative world and just pivot the visor do cut do whatever you want without leaving the hololens so that's also a nice a nice feature that we have and then of course our lens is not a consumer business consumer market it's a commercial business and market so this is why we need to have also and to work to have all our lens – fitting into a factory fitting into a surgery room so this is why we are working on all the industry certification and the whatever I don't know all of them and we work also on something quite interesting this is the old lens customization program so it means that you may have depend on your ambition the ability to customize hololens and actually we will have an example already with society called Trimble and I know Gregory that Trimble will be there tomorrow all right to speak about that so what they have done so they work on all the construction market and they have adapted Orleans to with you know the protective equipment for for construction and now they have release released their own SKU called Trimble XR 10 that is actually the capacity the capabilities of Orleans to but customized for the construction market so it means that we are also able to do that I don't know for defense market we were with different sectors before we could do that also so this is interesting to have this tailored to your use cases moving in a bit the third area of improvement that we add in our mentioned time value so this is why we are know also releasing some of our first party application called dynamic 365 mixology application I confess that is not the name for that but we have our own application and of course we work with the ecosystem of our partners to provide on the shelf application have a look on the dynamics application they are the application that are answering to the use case I mentioned before when we talk about remote assistance so we have an application called remote assistant otherone new one called guide layout etc about space design about non body if I need just to do focus I will focus on the guide one because it's quite interesting and it's quite new we announce that during the Mobile World Congress one months ago the idea is to learn by doing the idea is to have in your field of view information text video photo whatever that can help you in doing a step by step process just let's picture you I hopefully all use maybe you know akia when when you do it here so you have the instruction there then you have your hand with all the tools and it's not easy to do so to turn the page etc just picture yourself having the instruction in front of you in your field of view and then step by step that is that you follow and then you can easily build what you want at IKEA or universe that with that kind of Absolution of course and there is a lot of partners that are there that are exhibitors there's but we work with a lot of them for instance in Barcelona we had some partners like Trimble PTC person and whatever on the booze and and we have dozen of them that are there in a in Livadia charm one thing that is interesting and then instead back a bit of the aware piece we are not talking about only all ends on that the idea is also to be able to provide cloud services to our customers to the developers from our customers with the new Microsoft Azure mentality services because we think that there won't be an ala lens for everyone on the market but everyone has something like this in his pocket that is actually an AR M our devices so the idea is to provide also services for hololens for our kids in our core devices and these services are mainly a geospatial anchor so the idea is to provide a cross-platform experience so you share all your grams between someone having a normal lens and someone having an iPhone and someone having an I'm on the weed you know to better improve the collaboration between all of these people that are not necessarily have the same devices so that's this is also a feedback that we have sometimes you have one people wearing a lens and all the over the classroom maybe they only have smartphone but they can all see the same thing that is really interesting to have this cross pass from you second one is as you remote from uranium when you do collaborative design for instance you need to have your ala grams very define and precise it's about million of polygons minerals polygons it's quite a V and all ends of that they are of their own computing power but it's the computing power of a smartphone and running millions polygons allogram on a smartphone or ins it could be complicated then what we offer with that is to do the compute in the cloud in the cloud with a GPU and then only stream that into your device so it will allow you to not dismayed the Grady the experience and to keep the resolution and the level of polygons that you want to have with your hologram finally you understand that no it's not only about hardware anymore it's mainly and it's our view at Microsoft many about a stack and miss Halliday stack so it's about of course having our own as well you can recognize hololens or the last Kinect or the VR headset from our whim but the idea is also to provide services application on the device that we have on the SMAW on the market on smartphone on tablet with our own application or of course with the application of our partners so this is why we call that the mixology stack then finally and I will end on that because I think it's very important and this is the message that I want to learn here the second computing paradigm we see you know it's about smart phone we think it was a closed ecosystem and with that side iOS that side windows remember that side but there is no you know connection between all that ecosystem we want at Microsoft that the third padding of computing the 3d computing to be open so this is why we are working with all the main ecosystem platform middleware on the markets to be able to use the software the tooling that you want to use and then to address our platform our devices so this is why we are already working we unity we just made an announcement with unreal and a peak we work closely with before all that kind of actors this is why we also provide services application that are running on air co air kit etc because we really want that word to be open and we just made an announcement that we gonna be do one you know to follow open it's a standard Exeter so this is also the message where I want to end this keynotes we want to be open on this further computing paradigm and then finally if we want to chat with a section with earth have demo of all the lens one I'm sorry for that you can see the you you have the the Microsoft you have the Microsoft booth hopefully and I don't know if you have done today question so I do the question myself so hopefully we would have Orleans to in the markets coming soon so we just announced that we open the pre-order so you can know pre-order but the device will come later this year when we mean later this Nia because we are just between us I think it's between this summer and then the back-to-school period you know September that timing voila thank you very much [Applause] Oh

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