MISD Future of Education

One of the things when you talk about
the future of education we sometimes have this way of talking about it
internally, but it’s important that we bring our parents into that conversation
because it’s their children. Our world is changing so much and yet our
education is not. Our education is what it was over a hundred years ago. Yet in a
hundred and something years we’ve we’ve changed everything about who we are and
what we do and how we do it, so I would like to see our education grow with that. We should be advocating for different ways of teaching our kids. If you do the same thing today that you
did yesterday, you’re gonna get less and less and less. It used to be the degree the
amount of information you gain from a degree was enough to last your entire
life in a career. Now, it’s not. For us what we’re trying to do is to take advantage of the power of technology that’s out there , and truly transform our education system. And what we’re really looking at is how do we better understand the child, and how does
the child better understand themselves? Do they come in contact with their
passion with their truly love? and then connect that with their aptitudes
and let that drive the process of learning. We started with a list of
potential partners, and as we delve deeper into the project, we felt that
Google had a clear understanding of our vision, and so therefore we kept Google
as our thinking partner. Within our work with Google we talked about artificial
intelligence, and that’s kind of the driving piece within the Google project
using that to tap into our kids aptitudes and passions, and then through
that develop a profile for each student. The level of amount of information that
we will be able to provide not only to the parents but for the students and for
the teachers. You’re going to immediately be able to say okay I have a group of
kids that are really interested in health science, and so I’m going to be
able to direct a lot of their education learning
towards health science. It’ll help them see that profile of the student and help
them connect with the students faster. It’ll help them understand the students
interest in ways that they can ways that the teacher can move that student along.
The information that Google can provide to our teachers is they’re gonna have
parent input. They’ll look at past testing input to be able to bring all
the different data points together. Interest surveys that they can do and
create an autonomous data information system. Teachers will be so much better
informed when the student walks into the classroom from day one. That profile
that’s based on their aptitudes and passions when they develop what that
learning looks like in truly differentiating the learning
process for each and every kid. The exciting thing about this program is
they’re already going to have a working developed profile that that will add to
when they get to high school. And so in theory you would think they would have a
pretty good idea of at least which direction they went ahead, what things
excite them, which things are passionate about within their learning in high
school. In the elementary schools we are the foundation of their education, and so
it’s important for us to give them as many experiences as possible so that
they can find a pathway to a passion and that we can help advance an aptitude for
them. This initiative will really help middle school students to discover their
passions and aptitudes. It will give them more opportunities, and they’re gonna be
able to really understand themselves. That’s hard for a middle schooler. We’re
really discovering who we are in middle school, and what do we lake and what do
we dislike. It’s gonna not only transform learning, it’s gonna transform teaching
and what teaching looks like. The students that we serve today are very
different than the students we serve 20 years ago. Students today can access
information more efficiently than ever, so it’s very important for us and what
I’m excited about is that we can adapt school to them as opposed to students
having to adapt to school. By the time they graduate high school, you know
they’re gonna be really being able to specialize on this is where my aptitudes
are and this is where I can be college and career-ready
and really be a game-changer. Like 2020 more than 75% the S&P 500 would be companies that we have not heard of yet. As far as the traditional pathway that I was accustomed to growing up, it can be
totally different with my with my kids and school say I have to adapt to it. In
fairness to our students in order for them to be competitive in a very new
world that we don’t even know what it really looks like at this point of time. We
have to give them every advantage that we can. So as a parent I’m looking at
what are my kids gonna be able to do when they finish school? and are those
tasks aligned with the economy? because if they’re not we’re gonna have a
problem securing jobs and making a living, and actually contributing to
society as we know. And you’re going to enter that marketplace better prepared
to be that self determine an adult and control the quality of freedom than you
are today.

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