Mining Engineering at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus, Cornwall

Mining engineering is really the
science and technology of extracting the raw materials that we all rely on in
everyday life from the ground and being able to process them in a way that makes
them valuable. The Camborne School of Mines is a is a world-class mining
school and we’ve been teaching mining education for over a hundred and thirty
years we have mining history on the doorstep which teaches us something
about the way mining used to be done but it’s the skillset of our staff which is
unique because we have an interdisciplinary school so we have
geologists we have mining engineers we have mineral processes we even have
social scientists working on the human impact of mining. This is a really
exciting time to be thinking of doing mining engineering. Mining has relied on
being able to extract things from the ground using similar technology that
we’ve used for hundreds of years but now there’s an unprecedented period where we
are using new technology. We’re using virtual reality, augmented reality, we’re using
drones, we’re using a whole range of new techniques in mineral processing that
allow us to recover those metals and raw materials that we need. As a graduate
of the Camborne School of Mines you will have learned the skills and
knowledge to work in an exciting and dynamic industry and you can expect to
be in a career which gives you massive opportunities to make a difference in
supplying the raw materials of the future.

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  1. Mike Maddy said:

    Is there anybody studying mining here.
    Please let me know.
    After completion of masters of mining engineering, internship is provided by the university .?

    June 6, 2019

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