Midlands Aerospace Manufacturer continue to invest in Technology and People

MTD CNC have traveled to birmingham we're back at Brantford industries and I'm with Allen vice president of business development now Allen thanks for having us back firstly now today I want to discuss really a lot of topics but firstly you know what is changing the last three months I think as you possibly see when you walk around the factory we've we've gone live with some of the recent investments that we've made our latest the aerospace contracts whenever actually cutting metal whereas I don't think the world last time you were here and also we've we've moved on in terms of our investment and we've got more machinery and more equipment turning up and the next month or two again deployed on the new contracts and the success so we're humming we're going to be touching on your latest investment and shortly however I want to start with really you as a company really take pride in promoting yourselves and like I've not seen in many other companies you know what is this what are you looking to achieve from doing this I think there's a couple of different aspects to it I think the first one is that we should be very proud of our aerospace industry especially here in the Midlands I think it's largely undersold so we'd really like to put an emote there as an industry but secondly from a Branka perspective we've been here for several years now as you've seen we're a big building everybody sees us as they drive why but we have no real connection with the local area and that's something we want to broad note and attract people into our business and make more aware of who we are is it all about people really Allen in your opinion very much so yeah we're a great believers here at Brantford that your people are your most valuable resource and I know that's an overused industry cliche but there really are we have some very long serving people here and to counteract that you know as people retire and move on we need to bring new talent and new fresh faces into the business to give us that continuity of also the challenges to do better things I'm a previous visit you know we talked about your mission and your vision and and I can see that it's it's progressing nicely just in three months now let's start with the technology so what is your latest investment so the latest investment is you vertical boring machines and we're also we've got a new foms system it's going to be arriving in the next couple months and again that's to assist in the output productivity through great levels of automation and all I mean I still achieve an ultimate goal of like so running here at Birmingham and how important do you believe automation is to the UK it's manufacturing industry in general not just in aerospace well I think you have to look at your global competitors and when we look at mono our rates and costs associated with operating in the UK than the way that we can achieve parity with the rest of the world is through automation by taking our costs out and deploying them in other areas maximize our efficiency allows us to compete on the global stage it also a way for you to grow as a business I mean you're growing rapidly as a business is it's another way and an avenue to grow is the technology one of them aspects that you just can't can't overlook oh absolutely you know and in every area of the world wherever you look there's a drive to wast modern technology and when you look at the usable floor space that we have available across all of our sites it's obviously in our interest to maximize the utilization of that floor space and the best way to maximize it is through actually cutting metal so it lends itself perfectly to the adoption of that technology and the cutting of the metal here can you give our audience an example of the components that you manufacture yes Ramona fracturing a high speed hot end rotating components for aerospace gas turbine engines so we're using alloys such as inconel and wasp alloy in various other hard metals and you're not just metal removing you're also additive manufacturing and you've entered that arena – can you give me a bit of information about that please yes the the additive manufacturing is based ona our Bron for technology state then an Ulster and that's their own manufacturing fixtures and jigs for my collection of some of the fabricated components that we have down there so it's assembly in test of fabrications and I don't want to put you on the spot but do you believe in the future that critical aerospace components may be 3d printed oh absolutely yeah there's a committee drive two walls that within the industry it's already in place with non critical components I think the drive towards critical components is purely based their own speed of manufacture and integrity of the material what I'm sure will the engineering talent that we have in this country that we will achieve that position fairly fairly soon it's your connection with the Midlands aerospace alliance so I'm the chairman of the Business Development Group within the middle and zero space alliance so our role is to represent our members and also their lines itself and engaging with the industry at large and improving the way in which we actually engage with that industry and connect with our peers and with our customers and where do you see the next six months Allen the next six months our entire objective is really focused around enabling that engagement between students and young talents and the industry itself but also enabling our members and the other member companies to engage with other alliances around the UK and engage with the industry at large you

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