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I'm assuming that the most exciting science math and engineering technologies I'm going to be going to college next year at Carnegie Mellon and I'm really excited about learning electrical science this is our job so my name is Rishi I got the same small message Khan Academy and I'm a junior like I'm an emergency so our project is a drone that's very special on small farms and in autonomous which means that it can go with no user input except for the area needs to spray and then take care of spraying that area from west side so it saves time to the farm decrease in the chance the farmer getting sick because of the pesticide the piece is the waste pesticide and is a much more efficient and cheap way to do Plus science ready for small farmers normal technologies past one hundred thousand dollars for example tractors $100,000 with theoretically quartz around $4,000 and a retail cost would be about $12,000 this is the big advantage in the cost efficiency and health it's really huge innovation also another one of the main innovations is that we have asked Raven that goes in between cockroach and use the sides right so that that's how it uses my side more efficiently because I'm compared to like spraying just from the top a lot of the pests I just wasted a lot of this gets blown away a lot of it doesn't reach the target so side spraying is much more efficient what makes that possible is the computer vision the God that takes the pros and then goes in between them and the navigation is incredibly exciting and we use a lot of both machine learning and image processing techniques involved that's awesome what would you say was one of the biggest her advice here an end to all designing this you can base roadblocks I think weight will be one of the way things way through passes so I'll do copters and like multirotors being scale perfectly so that's the reason that we're considering going to a Halle copter because it scales up much better and it has a much higher lift away possibly even a fixed-wing aircraft because fixed-wing aircraft can carry significant payloads greater well we can only carry half a gallon and that works for a small farmer because he's not going to have a huge farm but if you want to scale this up you move to a fixed-wing aircraft are you going to get a much better system overall and look go ahead so but for the purpose involved and for the target market this is the best solution how did you guys delegate duties among sugar so that's actually a very interesting question largely because for us we had a few students who are interested everything the few students are interested in making sure that a few specific section of the drone will work really well so we had separate teams but as a whole office work on everything after example I know the drone forward to back well me she is an absolute expert on the mechanical hardware I know a lot of image processing law I don't really know as much of the mechanical harder but he knows so I've given Kate get 13 people so a lot of people too what would you say was your favorite part about the program and the invention process probably the favorite part is on getting to work with a lot of really great engineers and like just reaching out to the community because like on our own we have our ideas but like we don't really know what like what we can do like what's feasible and like what's actually put like reducible but um when you talk to a real engineer he gives you a whole other perspective and it's just it's very useful and we just feel humbled and it's so there's just a really good experience to be able to talk to like people that work in the field I have to concur on that although I have one other little caveat one of our mentors dr. senthil Kumar is an image processing expert and we actually talk to him every other day basis we had him on the phone because we had questions about what to do with image processing because it's a fairly new topic for us we hadn't really encounter before the other really exciting thing for me was the multiple near-death experiences that I felt I had because as you can imagine backbones are made of peanut so you never know what it's going to do sometimes to the situation where if he moves let's say this far I was the drone was that far away from me and flew started flying up indoors and I was scared for my life it was very exciting a lot of fun afterwards but is a scary experience so eventually I'm looking backgrounds my favorite part and if you have to sum up the experience in one word what would that word be it's it's a lot of work oh one word awesome exciting although I guess for me everything is exciting so there's that but exciting exciting okay yeah thank you guys for interviewing it was a lot you

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