Middle Eastern Art & Technology

what times we have is cause I need to encourage scholarship we need to encourage access for scholars to private collection system disease I find that the Western museum as well as the museum's that are being built in the region these are huge and changes that are happening I've ever went jeremiah zola studying at Columbia she kept sending someone to borrow my books on Middle Eastern art because there are none in the libraries here that we now send all our catalogues and publications to major universities and museums for their library this is great not only artist development social media and total service we their work its way skirt dentist may become the organic knowing it is 41 parity right but sometimes you know especially the younger ones people to access the gallery these are finding for themself a thought or education about I'm going to be activists I took an online degree that the maps why they want to be if you look at followers of art around pain my heart friend is interesting to see that various fittings polymers actually have on so I think the first one in your collection under very life and lot so I betrayed enterprise garage is very much common consciousness and

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