Microsoft Windows Insider Women in Computing Application 2019

I am Kayla from Kenya a computer science student at Stratton University my motivation for doing computer science is that I've always had a childhood question this was a as a result of curiosity and wanting to know how devices work for this reason I was captivated and started doing my own projects this interest led me to computer science some of the challenges are face to face is inequality local mentors and keeping up with nutrients however I've managed to overcome these challenges by mentoring young girls to to take up roles as young IT professionals about to form communities that provide mentorship towards research based learning this will help this will help come up with real world real world solutions to real world problems some some of the some of the goals I have so far is to start my own company which will will be providing training materials to interested parties wherever you will be because it will be a website coming from an indigenous community like Kenya in Kenya I'd like to provide tools and materials for young people in Kenya I am at MIT community tech lead who's worked with Asia for BI and Microsoft ml studio and I'd like to see a much more acceptability of this software thank you

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