Microsoft Unboxed: Technology in Retail (Ep. 8)

>>Welcome to Microsoft Unboxed. [MUSIC]. Every week we’re diving
into great stories about Microsoft technology
and the people behind them. My name’s Colleen O’Brien. I’m one of your co-hosts
and I’m here with my friend and colleague, Sonia Dara.>>Hello.>>You’re going to tell me
a story that I’ve never heard before and I’m going
to share one with you. This week’s topic is Tech in Retail.>>What has been
your latest shopping spree?>>To be honest, I use technology
for all of my shopping. I don’t even go to
the grocery store anymore.>>Grocery store even?>>I use an app to get my groceries
delivered and it’s great because you can do
your meal planning and it’s not dependent on what’s there
in the grocery store.>>It takes like 45 minutes to
get to the closest grocery store.>>It is a 30 flight hike to
get to the grocery store.>>I’ve shifted more to online shopping trying to
still get out of fast fashion. For those who don’t
know, fast fashion is one of the biggest culprits for.>>Textile waste.>>Textile waste. Trying
to get more into like things that will last a
little bit longer and so, I could buy three sizes, and what I don’t like I return.>>It’s called the
Slow Clothes Movement.>>Slow Clothes Movement.>>What makes technology
really great here is that you can spend
a long time researching, making sure you’re
getting the right thing.>>Sustainable, materials, textiles.>>Right.>>But there are still
some things like jean shopping. I’m going to just go do it in person.>>Do you have to try
on some jeans but, spoiler alert, I have
some information for you.>>Sweet. For a six foot tall girl?>>Yeah. They’re not discriminating
with their technology. My technology and retail story
is about Gap Inc. and how they’re doubling down on both their online experience
and their in person experience. Gap is a customer of ours which is why we’re so up to speed on all of these technology
investments and one of the products that they’re
leveraging is Azure. They’re consolidating all of their legacy systems and migrating
hundreds of apps over to Azure because they want to take advantage of the elasticity
of the Cloud Platform. Picture this. It’s Black Friday, you want to take advantage
of this really great deal. But because so many people are
hitting the same website at once, you can’t get the item
because they’re migrating their systems to Azure. Azure has this elasticity to make sure when their web
traffic spikes on, say, a Black Friday,>>Yeah.>>That their website will be
available for everyone who wants access to that deal
at the same time.>>So you don’t have to like
camp out for like four days now to shove in front of
people for Black Friday?>>Absolutely not.
Stay in your snuggie, make a turkey sandwich, just hop online and you
will get those deals.>>How do you know I have a snuggie?>>Doesn’t everyone?>>A gravity blanket snuggie?>>Gravity snuggie? I’m sure they’re developing that.>>We have the idea here first. Don’t take it.>>If you do happen to get
out of bed on Black Friday, you will probably be pleasantly
surprised by a lot of the technology investments
that brick and mortar stores like Gap are making. The first thing that was
really exciting to me to read about are these
tech-enabled fitting room.>>That actually reminds me, there’s a company we’ve
partnered up with for the Manchester fiasco called Finery. If you’ve seen Clueless,
which of course everyone. If you haven’t watched Clueless
yet like after this episode.>>Stop this video.>>No. After this video,
go watch clueless. But you know how she goes through and it digitizes her closet essentially. Finery is doing that where it
essentially scanning basically all your receipts that you have from previous purchases to actually help you understand what’s
currently in your wardrobe. It saves you time, it saves you money so you don’t have to go out and buy new stuff that you actually
might already have. So then it also gives you
inspiration for new fashion ideas, things that you can use to
complement what you already have, and it’s just a really
cool technology based upon something
existing in the closet. Maybe that’s what Gap’s going to do.>>Yeah. They’re also thinking
about AI-Assisted Styling. So like if you wear these pants, what shirt should you wear with it? They’re going to do
geo-targeted offers through mobile. So maybe you walk into
a store and it’s like, “Hey, we see that you’re here. We see that you’re
a loyal Gap customer. Here is a coupon”.>>Or a reward system
for coming in person and putting on
real lady pants and not.>>Real lady pants?>>But when you’re trying to put on real-world pants and
not like pajamas.>>I call them my housepants.>>I guess mine are housepants, too>>Like as soon as you get home, you put on your housepants?>>Do you leave your house
with your housepants still on?>>I try not to, but they sneak out
every once in a while.>>For that hike off to
the grocery store, apparently not.>>Just to take the compost out.>>That’s so Seattle. Maybe
you’ll get new housepants.>>That’s the dream.>>Whether you prefer to stay home in your housepants and do
some online shopping, or you’re wearing
your housepants out.>>In public.>>In public, retail
companies are making these really interesting
and awesome investments to make the experience even better.>>I’m going to talk about
a startup that is helping these brick and mortar
stores get people out of their housepants into their stores. The startup is called Dogspot. Dogspot is actually using
technology to build doghouses.>>Okay.>>Outside of brick and mortar stores to help keep your dogs
safe while you go shop. There’s a lot of stores that
don’t allow little puppies in and you have to tie
them up outside and so, maybe it’s really bad weather, maybe it’s super hot and
you have to leave them in the car and you’re worried
about the windows, someone can steal your dog. Apparently, dog theft
is on the rise like terrible people out there that
will actually steal a dog. There are these dog houses
outside of the stores. They’re temperature controlled.>>Okay.>>And the front door
is shatter proof glass.>>Okay, got it.>>So the dog can still see
out but he can breathe, it has air conditioning. It’s all.>>It has air conditioning?>>Yes.>>I don’t even have
air conditioning in my home. I might like to try one out.>>I know, especially in
the summer when it’s like super.>>There’s no air
conditioning in Seattle.>>Whole point is you
don’t want your dog sitting out in freezing
rain or anything.>>Great.>>So they call it
Smart Sidewalk Sanctuaries. How’s that for alliteration
and a tongue twister.>>I love it.>>Smart Sidewalk Sanctuaries.>>Smart Sidewalk Sanctuaries.>>Originally funded through
Microsoft for Startups. So you download the app, you get access to it
for up to 90 minutes. You can monitor
your dog on your phone, it has a camera inside. So you can see how your dog’s doing, it’s self-cleaning afterwards. They’ll have some people come and
[inaudible] little accidents. One of the coolest things for the brick and mortar stores
that are sponsoring this. They noticed 48 percent of users
switched where they actually shop because of where
these Dogspots were available.>>As a former dog owner, I would always do research like, is the place that I’m
about to go dog-friendly? If not, where can I find
a dog-friendly version of this?>>Exactly, and then 40 percent have gone to a store because
there was a Dogspot there.>>That’s amazing.>>So it’s like they’re
walking across the street, they see a Dogspot, they’re
like, “Oh, that’s interesting.” They might not even have a dog
but they will go to a store. It’s cool technology to place in that makes it so much easier
for people to take off their housepants and get into a store and make sure their
dog’s safe at the same time.>>Yeah, it’s like a little
attraction for people to visit now.>>Yeah, a little
Smart Sidewalk Sanctuary.>>Whether it’s this
incredible innovation that’s happening at brick and mortar shops like Dogspot or these more
intelligent dressing rooms, there are such amazing advancements
that are happening at this intersection of
retail and technology. How about we move into
Outside the Box, Colleen?>>Great transition.
You’re going to have 30 seconds to answer this question. Are you ready for it?>>No.>>What is the craziest
fashion trend you ever rocked?>>It has to be from the 90’s.>>Of course.>>And it was the butterfly clips,.>>Love those.>>The bell bottoms. The biggest culprit was
the t-shirts that you wore on top of a long-sleeved
white shirt underneath.>>Oh yeah. Doubling up.>>That’s like I’m limited,
too. Yeah, doubled up and overalls, too. It was super gross.>>They’re like fashion overalls now.>>Now. But back then
it was just kind of unfortunate and I had like
a bowl cut to go along with it. It was just a bad combo. It was bad.>>All right. Time’s up.>>All right.>>I’m ready.>>What was your favorite item
of clothing as a kid?>>Remember before leggings, there were the stretch pants. These were like leggings but just stretchy pants and then they
have the stirrups at the bottom?>>Oh yeah.>>I had a pair of black and
white striped ones that I wore with everything even if it didn’t
really match what I was wearing.>>Like put dresses on top?>>Oh yeah. Anything and everything.>>That’s funny that we both got clothing related things and there’s so many questions in
here but we both got clothing things for
our retail episode.>>The universe does the lining.>>The box knows all. [MUSIC].>>If you want to submit
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