Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider: SNP Technologies

SMP technology has been a microsoft partner for over 15 years and we selling their products for that long and deploying the product for that long with the office 65 introduction we started in the beta program and once the beta program was over we started selling office 365 to our existing clients who had exchanged services on premise that's how we got started with office 365 the biggest challenge with the microsoft licensing products are they are on device based so if you want to sell office suite for example you are going to be deploying office on individual machine and if that computer crashes again you can reinstall on another machine applying a license key with the office 65 it is now a user based licensing which makes it very easy to provision easy to deploy and if a person leaves you can deactivate it and apply the same license to another user which is not that easy in the good old days when office 365 was a device based license one single micro had this program in place it made it easy to provision office 365 deploy office 365 and build the customers under the office 365 program you

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