Meet our people at Danfoss, Sünje, Mechatronics Engineer

I joined danfous in the year 2006 and back then I was a student so I did my normal study and during the semester break I worked for the company so looking back I kind of grew up in the company going through the different departments and now the emphasis is like the second family to me my name is Sania I'm a mechatronics engineer I work for dentists power solutions in long history in order to enable ourself or to react on certain situations that means eyes and hands to detect and react so I is an engineer and think about our future control a sensor actuator a structure and implement sensors and actuators these kind of technologies into our products and daily work I do construction on the computer to test the test lab write software test those on the vehicle also write reports as well as presenting I love to improve the vehicle behavior and I love the moment where the customer comes to you and says ok I wish I had this function earlier and that's the moment where for your hard work really pays off I work in a global team and this diversity makes daily work sometimes really hard especially when thinking about communication but the pre cultures are also a good opportunity to learn from each other I won't wait for word engineering tomorrow get going those are strong words that kind of fit to my youth I mean I'm full of energy and sometimes I think the sky's the limit and with danfous I can really make a difference in the near future some of our engineers will retire so we have to make sure that the knowledge will be transferred to the next generation Engineering is what we do for many many years and now we actually stated to the outside with our engineering tomorrow and I personally can now fill in those words you

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