Meet John. Data Analytics Research Team at QCRI

I am a PhD student in the university of waterloo in canada my supervisor dr. Elias is the principal scientist here and this is how I found about Keisha I I'm working on a project mainly we aim at data cleaning using data collected by crowdsourcing so in your data you have some problem something that's in logical and you try to find your peers for these and instead of just using some automatic disappearing algorithm so you remember these algorithms where you have some master data and you try to use them to get higher quality repairs but how to get these master data where does it come from that's hard to get so this is actually what the project is about which is collecting some facts and master data that would help later on in the later stage in having better repairs you want to get facts that are relevant to violations or problems or like places where your data needs repairing the idea started here its patented actually by qtr I well you have some resources if you're going to make some experiments here I had opportunity to meet with top scientists whether permanent staff here or in talks it's almost every week you have a distinguished dog by some distinguished like huge name in databases like a few days ago there was some Stonebreaker here so I actually helped me a lot it exposed me to many great tip on this field and that's another thing actually that I made really great friends for life here we've been to desert trips boat trips museums we've been to some adventures to the north but there are mangroves there that was awesome we've been to many can I take pubs and to be honest it was better than I expected I just spectate some clothes metropolis where you just have skyscrapers and that's it but to find my nature trips and adventures to do everywhere that was really awesome and unexpected you

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