Meet Dr. Jared Auclair, Director of Biotechnology Programs

What excitements me most about my
new position as director of the Biotechnology Programs is actually two-fold. The first thing is the endless possibilities
of expanding the program. Right now we have just about 100 students,
and the possibility of doubling and adding new concentrations is really exciting to me,
and sort of leading the charge in where the training goes for the local biotech facilities. But my most exciting thing to me is actually
being able to interact with students, cause that’s one of my favorite things to do. I’ve had the ability to do that here at
Northeastern for the last few years on a limited capacity, but now I’ll be able to do that
on a much greater scale. My favorite part about Northeastern is really
kind of weird. So I went to a bunch of colleges that were
really small, and I like the size. I like the feel of a big college. It’s very energetic. The people here are great; great people to
work with; great students. It’s just a lot of fun; it’s a great atmosphere. I’m actually a trained protein crystallographer
and a trained protein mass spectrometrist – which I use those techniques to answer
questions related to neurodegenerative diseases, in particular ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease,
which you might be familiar because the Ice Bucket Challenge that started a few years
ago and is every August until there’s a cure. So I urge you to take part in that next month,
in August. And the other aspect of my research, which
brought me to this position, actually, is that I spend quite a bit of time analyzing
biopharmaceutical products for efficacy and safety and how they are going to work in general. What I would like to share with the COS
graduate students is I hope they feel comfortable coming to me anytime if they have questions
in the program, or if they are interested in the program in general. If my door is open that means, “Please walk

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