Meet Dean Tatsuya Okubo – The School of Engineering

My name is Tatsuya Okubo, I’m Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo My academic career started here when I was an undergrad student of chemical engineering I became Dean in 2016 and came with a vision… make the School of Engineering a vibrant and exciting place where courageous young researchers can shine The School of Engineering played an important role in the birth of modern Japan It was key to the country’s miraculous economic growth after World War Two This proud history reminds us that our field continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of society Humanity now faces challenges that are global, dynamic, complex and diverse The United Nations laid out 17 Sustainable Development Goals… …targets we must achieve by 2030 if we are to realize a better, sustainable Society Engineering came into being as a culture of physical creation But its scope has expanded to cover concepts such as energy and environment, information and health Today we challenge engineers to create a sustainable society and many of our research activities focus on the sustainable development goals The School of Engineering is home of excellent students, pioneering researchers and dedicated staff… …who work every day on projects from basic science to applied research I hope you will join us as we push forward the frontiers of human knowledge and build a sustainable future together

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