Mechatronics Workshop Student Expo

we brought along a lot of our engineering projects five of our senior projects came along and all of our PC interfacing robotics projects came along as well I brought in my senior project which was a handheld Linux computer based on the Raspberry Pi board which is full capabilities Wi-Fi full keyboard touch panel screen built in and the PC interfacing robot that I brought was called bio Lloyd and he's a full humanoid robot he has full functions push-ups head stands kicks karate everything I've always been in computers ever since I was little since I got my first family computer and I broke it and fixed it I've always been in the electronics end of things so when I got into high school I took a lot of electronics base courses and a lot of the stuff we did here in first year I ended up doing in high school a little bit of introductory courses and that kind of steered the way when I saw the program I said that's for me we do have our sumo robot competition every first week in November during technology week which is kind of related it's a we took tie that into robotics a little some robots but it's first time what we have other robots involved and I think it's great I think this is a great experience for our students here and in displaying with pride what they've accomplished it's all our robots someday we'll be cell phone or wirelessly controlled from the flying helicopter that will feed video back to the person's cell phone to the karate robot that you'll be moving your Android phone around and to make a move and another branch that we're looking at as well as biofeedback connecting electrodes to a person's arm or or near their eyes and when they look one way or the other the robot will look one way the other so the possibilities are endless we're going to grow with this it's a beginning and all the robots we've brought here will be expanded upon and will grow in the years ago

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