Mechatronics — Why is this important for employers

heartis international manufacturer sells and supports primarily secondary packaging solutions so robotic palletizing case packing buffering solutions and accumulation as well as systems integration mechatronics education is so important to Hartness and our industry because today machines are so much more complicated than they've been in the past truly requiring the disciplines and mechanical electrical computer and controls it's hard to find people with mechatronics experience in this area primarily driven by the fact that so many companies are looking for that skill set there's a host of companies outside of packaging that require highly-skilled mechatronics individuals for the design manufacture and maintenance of equipment according to the National Association of Manufacturers over half the manufacturing positions are likely to go unfilled in the next decade due to a skills gap I think the relationship that Hartness has with local universities is critically important to ensure that local universities are preparing students for the necessary skills that are required today it also provides the local companies with a labor pool that has the skill sets necessary to provide the support we need in manufacturing design and maintenance a member can use the PMMA mechatronics certification tests to evaluate the skill set of existing employees as well as prospective employees the tests really evaluates an individual skills as it relates to mechanical engineering Electrical Engineering controls engineering and Computer Engineering the tests will also help identify employees that are ready for additional responsibilities and able to take on higher-level assignments mechatronics education is an investment in our people to ensure that we have the best educated trained people in that area and it also helps us provide the best level of support for our key customers in our core markets you

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