Mechatronics training at CCAC

do you want to work with the latest in technology do you like a clean workspace do you enjoy work that is fast paced but safe would you like to use both your mind and hands to troubleshoot problems and build new solutions hi I'm Reggie Overton if you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone meet Irv Martindale I had recently moved here from the west coast looking for job opportunities because I was in construction and the jobs went away employers want evidence that new hires are qualified the mechatronic program at CCAC brings all that background that we look for we find that the mechatronics program is really a great asset because it not only ensures that they have the basic understanding of hydraulics and electric that they get the hands-on experience after school and then when they come back here they can apply it more to a lot of our product when we go to fix an issue down on the shock for at least know where to start learned a lot of troubleshooting techniques which help me out here true at CCAC we will work with you to get the credentials you need for the work you want so I came here started looking around for different programs and came across a mechatronics flyer and said what's mechatronics let me check into this students to go through this program are going to learn plc they're going to learn electrical they're going to learn mechanical they're going to do hydraulics they're going to do pneumatics they're using their hands they're reading it they're listening to it they're seeing it and then they're actually doing it I said this is for me I really do believe a good reason why I got the job was that they knew i was in mechatronics and perhaps one of the best perks of this program is that it is free for qualified candidates whether you are a recent high school graduate of person in transition and incumbent worker looking to enhance their skills take that next step consider the mechatronics program here at CCAC you you

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