Mechatronics: The student perspective. 3D modeling, Mechatronics & Making ignites curiosity

we introduce machines mecha and electronic and creating mechatronics to help give our students real skills that they're able to see impacts their lives and the world beyond the classroom we want to be able to make a direct relationship between the tools users hangar cat or fusion 360 and seeing that they are learning now what I want is for my eighth graders before they even hit high school to step into fusion 360 because that is what professionals are using in the industry and it's not a huge sleep just take off the training wheels just sophomore nobody's going to get hurt right here we're learning about technology that will impact the future and how we as individuals can impact the future my favorite part of the maker process is that teachers see the kids smiling more they see happiness they see joy I see their faces light up when they talk about mechatronics and they talk about the after school makerspace program the mechatronics program expanding

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