Mechatronics Senior Capstone Project

but first we want to do something that with an eponymous quadcopter that utilized machine revision and a bunch of other really cool technologies but we kind of got shut down because the university doesn't like flying quadcopters for some reason anyway we still wanted to do something that involved computer vision like intricate control systems something like that and so there's some brainstorming we figured it looks building up autonomous vehicle but it wasn't until we partnered with argo a TV in ontario canada that that we decided to build a control system for navigating banana fields that's something that they asked us to work on for them so that it would be useful to them when we were done so they agreed to loan us the Argo j5 electric vehicle platform which we've been modified a fire the affordability piece is really the big piece because everybody else who is doing sort of autonomous vehicle applications they're probably charging 10 to 20 times what our costs were to build this in only six months so we built it fast we built it well and you've built it really affordably I think what really ends up helping us is you know taking some of that knowledge from these classes we've taken and applying it you know and on a hands-on project so you know working problems and doing stuff for homework and taking tests it's one thing but it's I think it's a whole different experience when you have to take that and you know actually apply it to a problem in front of you this project for our senior year that I think has prepared me better than you know anything you know to what kind of I can expect in the field and I'm excited about it I think it'll be really really fun and it'll be a good experience learning new things it's definitely been something that at least I didn't expect from this project it's I've enjoyed almost every single day that I've worked these guys I was a late addition to this group I came in leave in about September and since then I haven't regretted it one bit i mean it's it's fun working with these guys i mean every single one of them is intelligent but it's not like it's to the books every single day we laugh we have fun but on top of that I mean we're we're doing this ambitious project that every single day I'm proud of exactly what we've done you

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