Mechatronics Project – Self-Playing Guitar

our matrix project we built a shuffling guitar we only have to program one pole saw on the we do also pass on the inter smoke on the water so we're gonna play both of those radios tonight and that's just the short interview we did that most as approved concepts that we actually plays some of those that are identifiable we have four different states that control each different servo motors connect with each other strings and they all have their own individual system of power source and stepper motor driver which of these big green guys our power source puts out 24 volts at 14.5 amps we have in our dream Oh over in this corner this is what controls the guitar peaks that are attached to servo motors and those are programmed to mimic human fingers in their movements this have an LCD disability that will display on the song that you're currently playing as well as the section in that song this is going to be a song that Jack wrote so shout out to the Duda project um they actually help us out a lot actually some of the main components are these mats that we 3d printing through these different letters without these guys on this whole entire assembly would just shake uncontrollably just because of how the second motor dysfunction and like as they stepped in creates a vibration and so this whole thing was going nuts also are are very quick system for getting these belts out these are printed and such just a way to where if something goes wrong we can easily pull these things out and do repair work or adjustment work if we need to and it's great we could not done seven metal because the metal does not give us the flexibility that we've also got some other various components um some of these are bun stands and so I believe some of these down because some of them get a lot hotter than the others do

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