Mechatronics Program at Moberly Area Community College

MACC offers a mechatronics program and the interesting thing about our program is we were one of the first in the state and one of the first in the Midwest to actually have a micro chronics program and the first thing that comes to people's mind when they hear that well what is mechatronics well mechatronics actually has been around for quite some time the terms being used more and more frequently now but it's a combination of if you look at it from an engineering perspective it's a combination of mechanical engineering Electrical Engineering and then computer science or Computer Engineering so anywhere where you have a system that combines those disciplines you have a mechatronics system and we automatically think of manufacturing and mechatronics is throughout that industry but it's other places too you'll find mechatronics when you pull up to the bank to your ATM machine that's a mechatronics system because mechanical systems have electronic systems is a robot is a typical mechatronic systems because it combines programming and combines electrical systems and mechanical systems anybody that really likes to know how things work likes to take things apart to see what's behind them what makes them tick those are people that would really be interested in mechatronics our program is unique I think to a lot of schools and that we have an incredible lab it's a million-dollar lab growing every day but all of our classes have a lab a significant lab component almost 50% of every class we offer is lives it's hands-on so students not only get to learn the theory behind the systems but they also get to work with one of the things MACC has done that is really unique works works really ahead of the curve in this aspect we've got a really wide service area and there's need for automation all over our region Hannibal and Kurtz Colombia and Mexico so what we've decided to do is take our program on the road we'll put many of our traditional lectures online so students can do those on lines and then we'll take to last them that's a niihka proach – what we're doing we were started by industry for industry we had a number of manufacturers in the Columbia area that we're having a very difficult time finding technicians so they came together with a regional economic development board and essentially came to MACC to start the program some of our industry partners that are involved in a program that are on our industrial advisory board 3m here in Columbia Missouri Quaker Foods Spartan light metals these are all companies that help sculpt our curriculum develop our courses and hire our graduates just overall the mechatronics program is has really provided us what I feel a competitive advantage all manufacturers are in the same place in terms of there's a high demand for technical candidates and I think that it's it's allowed us to to train our own own folks and give us the competitive advantage that that we need to be successful if you like this thought of working on machines or understanding how machine works or machine programming or anything like that or really don't have a good concept of how machines work but want to know the mechatronics is a really good program to get started on it takes you from day one understanding how machines operate to being able to fix and repair or you can program new lines and as you go through the program you might decide you want to carry on to a certain path you can take over on programming or welding or programmable logic control it's a really diverse program that will give you a good foundation to understanding and working in this type of industry or manufacturing in general when you think about employment opportunities of course the first thing that pops to mind is manufacturing we've placed graduates and a lot of local manufacturing industries but also there's other things you don't readily think about we've placed graduates with mu Hospital clinics so any places where you have electromechanical systems you're gonna have a need for a mechatronics technician and we're training our students to meet those needs so if you're interested in industrial automation if you're interested in advanced technology and robotics then this is the program for you do go online or call us today we'd love to talk to you about the mechatronics program at MACC

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