Mechatronics Laboratory – Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science

hi my name is Kevin Craig I am a professor of mechanical engineering at Hofstra University the mechatronics laboratory was created in 2014 to immerse Hofstra students in multidisciplinary systems engineering through a combination of academic rigor and the best industry practices belayer provides a human centered model-based approach to real world problem solving and rapid prototyping engineering students assemble solenoid actuators using our new six work cell automation facility the facility has two fully functional robots and automated conveyor paths and a vision system it has been designed to emulate a modern industrial production facility each of the individual work cells can be used independently for demonstrations and projects the lab has multiple two-person project stations equipped with the latest measurement and control hardware and software it is here that students develop sensing actuation and micro computer control applications for their mechatronic design the laser cutter the three dimensional printer and the printed circuit board fabricator are standard equipment in any modern prototyping facility our students can use this equipment from their first day on campus they use the laser cutter to cut shape and engrave various materials including plastics and aluminum the mechatronics lab is used in both lecture and laboratory courses it integrates presentation discussion problem-solving and hardware to achieve real-time measurement and control it also serves as a home for the Hofstra Center for innovation the Center dedicated to helping industry solve its most urgent needs through innovation and rapid prototyping all intellectual property belongs to the sponsoring company which gives the sponsor a competitive advantage and gives Hofstra faculty and students experience and cutting-edge design technology and problem-solving

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